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My Current Perfume Collection

I first did a post like this a few years ago when my perfume collection had a grand total of 2 bottles, those being my trusty Boss Orange and a random one from The Body Shop. Though I don't have a huge collection now, I definitely have more than I did and enough to warrant a post all about them I thought. I very rarely buy myself perfume and as it tends to be expensive I don't expect it as a present but the ones I currently have are all ones I'd get again at some point and don't break the bank.
current perfume collection

Next Just Pink Perfume

This was a total bargain and now an absolute favourite of mine. I'd ran out of every bottle I had so when we went to London last May I thought I would treat myself and I decided on picking a bottle up from Next as I knew they were really affordable and had a huge range. I was spoilt for choice and we were in there for ages because they had so many I liked but eventually I decided on Just Pink which is a fresh and floral fragrance. I was instantly drawn to it because of the bottle. I think it looks really high end and so classy, I knew it would be a good one for the bedside table as it's too pretty to hide away. The scent of this perfume is beautiful, and everytime I use another one for a while and then go back to this, I always wonder why I ever stopped. It has a scent of fruity mandarin, green florals and jasmine with patchouli so it's a perfect choice for Spring and Summer, in fact that's what it reminds me of everytime I use it. This bottle is only £14 so it's definitely one I'll get again.
next just pink perfume

Ghost Eclipse

I love it just after Christmas when all of the sales start as you can always find great brands on offer, including Ghost which is one of my favourites for perfume! I noticed they had a few of their mini perfumes on offer so I strongly hinted to George that it might be a good one to consider for my birthday and it turns out he paid attention as I unwrapped the Ghost Eclipse perfume! Isn't it such a gorgeous bottle? It's another one that makes me think of holidays! If you hadn't already been able to tell, how it looks is just as important to me as the scent, I'm quite fussy when it comes to perfume. I'd heard so many good things about this but I think for perfumes you haven't personally tried them yourself, a mini is always a good idea when you can find them. This has a really fruity scent of sweet bergamot, lemon, mandarin, apple and peach, doesn't that sound like heaven! It's a really sweet and feminine fragrance and it lasts for hours, I definitely think this will be a go to of mine in the warmer months. The mini perfume is currently available for £6.99 at the perfume shop or the bigger bottle is available at Boots for £34.
ghost eclipse perfume

Diesel Loverdose

This is the latest addition to my perfume collection and I'm a little obsessed with it! One of Georges kind friends got us both a wedding present and this was the one for me, it was totally unexpected and so thoughtful! The only time I'd ever got anything from Diesel was years ago at Christmas and even then I was buying an aftershave for George, I'd never known they did perfumes for women actually. Like with the other two, the bottle is insane! I love the striking design of it and the deep purple colour. I really like the scent of this as it's a little different to the others I've already mentioned. It's got top notes of mandarin and star anise, heart notes of sambac jasmine, liquorice and gardenia, and base notes of amber and vanilla. What's great about this is that even though it's quite a sweet scent it's not over the top and all the combinations of fragrances works really well together. I especially love the hint of liquorice that comes through at the end, it's so unlike any perfume I've had before. It's currently £31 in Boots for a 50ml bottle.

The Body Shop Peach Body Mist

This isn't strictly a perfume, more of a body spray but it's a bargain and just as worthy of a mention as the others. Peach is my all time favourite scent so when the body shop had a sale on a few months ago and I saw they had a full range dedicated to my favourite, I had to stock up on a few bits. This is definitely the opposite to the perfume above as it's extremely sweet but I can't get enough of it! I love to spray this on when I'm into fresh PJ's or on my way out and as it's cheaper than the others in my collection, I don't feel too bad using more. As it's such a strong scent it does last for ages and as the peach scent is an absolute winner of mine, that's definitely not a bad thing. I got this for only £4 in the sale, it's usually £8 but it's not available online anymore. They seem to get rid of certain ranges every so often so it's hard to know what's actually been discontinued and what's coming back. Hopefully this will be available again at some point as it's just fab.
the body shop peach mist
I'm so happy with all of the perfumes in my little collection at the moment and I definitely think I'd repurchase them all again in the future. Though the Diesel Loverdose is on the higher end of the scale it's definitely worth the money, and it really is of good quality, but for those wanting more of a bargain, there really are some gems from places like Next and The Body Shop. You really don't have to spend much on a decent bottle of perfume so I hope if you're in the market for a new one, this has given you a bit of inspiration!

What's your current go to perfume?

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