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My Nail Polish Collection

Ever since I was a teenager, I've always had a love for painting my nails and I think I've always had a pretty huge collection of nail polishes. I've lost count of the amount of blog posts I've done since I started my blog on my many favourites from a variety of brands, I just know it's a lot! I was taking some blog photos recently and I thought why have I never done a full collection post on all the nail polishes I have? I've read them before from other bloggers but never done it myself, but as I needed to have a sort out of them anyway, I thought it would be nice to finally share all the ones I love and always use.
nail polish

Barry M

When I'm in the mood for a little beauty shopping I always reach for Barry M because they are so affordable and the range available is insane! They do Gelly Hi-Shine polishes, Coconut Infusion polishes, Matte, and so many others, and almost every single one I've tried in the past has impressed me. I actually thought I had way more Barry M polishes than this when I first looked, but my favourites out of them all are probably Mustard because it just screams Autumn and that's probably my favourite season of them all, and for a more Spring shade I love Dragonfruit which is a really pretty baby pink. As both of these are from the Gelly range they last really well without chipping.
barry m
L-R - Mustard, Bikini, Flamingo, DragonFruit, Espresso, Lilac, Sugar Apple


I've mentioned Essie quite a lot on my blog over the last few months so I don't need to go on about them, but for a higher end polish, these are my favourite. I don't like to splash out more than few pound on nail polish so I only get Essie if I have vouchers or if there is some sort of offer on as they tend to be about £8 each otherwise which I just can't justify! At the moment I'm loving quite a few polishes I got in my Essie Advent Calendar, it had some great full size polishes in it and one I think I'm going to be reaching for a lot is Licorice. It's a jet black polish which I think really suits me. For a more chilled, subtle look though I adore Eternal Optimist which is a pinky nude shade. I always said it would be the one I wore on my wedding day and on the day it looked perfect. As well as what's shown in these two pictures, I also have quite a few mini Essie polishes but a lot of those don't have names on them for some reason so I decided not to include them, I also very rarely reach for those.
L-R Top Row - Luxedo, Fishnet Stockings, Disco Doll, Fifth Avenue, Toggle To The Top, Status Symbol
L- R Bottom Row - Eternal Optimist, Mink Muffs, Allure
L-R - Belugaria, Tart Deco, Chinchilly, Licorice, Mademoiselle, Rock The Runway


When I was younger I used to love OPI polishes but now they're not ones I buy a lot. These are more expensive than Essie at around £12 a bottle which again, is far too much for one product I think. When I worked with Chemist4U though, they had quite a few OPI polishes for only about £3 so I picked a couple up then. I had Christmas in mind at the time so I went for a gorgeous dark green and a dark glittery polish. I thought both of them would be fab for the festive season. I also have a few minis from OPI too that I got in a set a few years ago. These are all grey toned so I don't tend to wear them too often but they are the sorts of colours which look really classy on.
L-R - Gone Plaid, First Class Desires, Embrace The Grey, My Silk Tie, Cement The Deal

Nails Inc

I picked two Nails Inc polishes up when I received a voucher last year and as I was already in the Autumn mood, I went for colours I knew I'd want to wear over the Christmas period. I went for Victoria which is a beautiful deep burgundy colour and Chelsea Embankment which is a gold glitter. Apart from that I've not picked any up since, these are around £15 a bottle so definitely out of my price range. I did get one free when I signed up to Birchbox though which is a stone colour so not one I would usually choose.
nails inc
L-R - Victoria, Queen Street, Chelsea Embankment


Another affordable brand which are one of my all time favourites for beauty is Rimmel. I'd say I go more for their base products and mascaras rather than nail polish but whenever I have picked any up from them, I've always been impressed. I got the Salon Pro polishes ages ago for about £3 each which isn't too expensive along with the pink 60 second shine one. My absolute favourite out of these though is the deep purple shade, Black Cherries. It just applies so well, looks glossy on and lasts really well.
L-R - Moon, Rock N Roll, Hot Tropicana, Black Cherries


I found a few miscellaneous nail polishes when going through my nail polish bag and even though all of these don't tend to be my first choice, I do love them and will definitely wear them again. There is a purple polish from a Microcell Kit which I reviewed last year, a random red glitter one from H&M, one from ITSY Nails, the one next to that was a little gift and I'm sure it's from a supermarket, and lastly my top coat. I got the top coat in a Birchbox and it's probably one of the best products I ever received. I can totally see why so many people rave about it, I do too now. It makes every single polish I apply look beautiful and stops them chipping. I find whatever I apply now lasts so much longer with this on top, than they used to without any top coat.
nail polish
L-R Micro Cell, H&M, Itsy Nails, Boutique, Seche Vite Top Coat
I definitely don't think I need to be buying any more nail polishes for a long time, these will cover me for ages. As I'm sure you can tell I love the darker shades, any purples, black or reds are a winner for me all year round but I do love a pastel colour when the weather starts getting warmer. Is anyone else like that?

Are any of these in your nail polish collection? What's your go to brand?


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