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TV Shows You Need To Watch #3

Last year I did two posts all about some of my favourite TV shows and because I watch so many different things, I already have another full of brilliant programs I highly recommend you watch! Like the other two posts there is a real mix of stuff here, all of which are so enjoyable and had me hooked for different reasons!

Game Of Thrones - I'm quite surprised it's taken me so long to feature Game Of Thrones in one of these posts! That being said I did leave it a long time before starting it. It was one of those shows I was convinced I would hate and as it was so hyped up, I just thought I'd be let down. How wrong was I?! As it's a medieval fantasy type show, I really didn't think it would be my sort of thing but the battles between the families, and the not knowing of who is going to end up on top, is just brilliant and I feel like every episode leaves me hooked and wanting more. I definitely have my favourites, and I'd personally love Jon Snow or Arya Stark to end up on the throne, but I just can't wait to see how it ends. I definitely don't understand why everyone loves Daenerys so much though! I'm not a fan.
game of thrones
Pretty Little Liars - This was another program that I put off for literally years. It wasn't until 2017 that I finally decided to watch it, but as I did that, it meant I could get through it all in one go! I did a full post on my thoughts and questions about this show so I won't go on too much about it but if you haven't watched it yet, you definitely need to! The not knowing who A was all through each series and seeing all of these bad things just keep happening was so tense but I love how they did so much of it and how we had different reveals throughout. The ending definitely left me feeling a little mixed and by that point I had grown to hate some of the characters, but it's definitely one I'd go back and watch again.
pretty little liars
Liar - This show. I'm not sure where to start! This was on quite recently and it was definitely one of the best of 2017. It was about Laura and Andrew who went out on a date and spent the night together, but the next day they both have very different versions of how it actually went. Laura is convinced she was raped that night but he is adamant everything was consentual and she's making it up. I truly believed him for so long as his character was so charming and just didn't seem like the sort of person to do something like that. I suppose that was the shows aim though, to show anyone could do something like that and how easy it is for people to get away with it. They revealed in episode 3 I think that Laura was telling the truth and he had been lying all along so the rest of the series was about trying to get him sent to prison for what he did. I never predicted for it to go the way it did and I definitely didn't expect the ending we got, leaving it open for another series. It was just one of those shows that left me feeling like I couldn't breathe after each episode and I can't believe how wrong I got it!
Fresh Meat - This is definitely unlike the rest of the shows I've mentioned so far but one I just love. It's a comedy about a group of people sharing a house while at university. As I said in a favourites post last year, it's such a simple concept and not actually loads happens but each episode is really good and just as funny as the last. It's one of those shows that's just really chilled and can be put on in the background while working or could easily be binge watched over the weekend. It's one I'll be going back to again in the future and watching and I'm so sad it's finished for good.
fresh meat
Bancroft - If you want a show that's going to leave you shouting at the TV, this is the one for you! Several times throughout this 4 part series, I was shouting NO, I just couldn't believe some of it! This was only on in December so very recent but one that had to be mentioned. It stars Sarah Parish as DC Bancroft, a very successful and loved officer, and Faye Marsay as Detective Sargeant Katherine Stevens who has just started investigating cold cases. When working on the cold case of a murder of a girl called Laura Fraser, DS Stevens starts to form a connection between the dead girl and DC Bancroft. Each episode sees her uncovering more and more of Bancrofts secrets and trying to get justice for Laura. I won't spoil it for you but the ending left me reeling! I couldn't believe how they had left it and I'm not 100% sure if they should do another series or not, but it was just shocking. It was so good but definitely stressed me out.
American Horror Story Cult - American Horror Story is a series I tend to go back to several times and never properly finish! They've done so many different series' now but the latest one was Cult and it was incredible! I don't really think you have to watch the past series' in order as they do different characters for each one, so I watched this while it was on TV last year and I was genuinely hooked each episode. The story for this series was centered around the 2016 presidential election so very current, and it starred Sarah Paulson as Ally, devastated over the result, and she has to deal with several of her phobias intensifying because of it. And it also stars Evan Peters who plays Kai, overjoyed with the result, and the one who decides to form a cult, targeting several people, one of them being Ally. I probably haven't explained it too well but so much happens throughout, it's very hard to not give everything away! I didn't want this series to end, I think it's the best one they've ever done and I just couldn't believe how it played out.
ahs cult
I love each and every one of these shows for so many different reasons and I couldn't recommend them enough! I think there is something for everyone here, drama, comedy, fantasy, just so many different types of program but all great in their own way. I'd love to know if you've seen any of these and what you thought? Or are there any other shows you recommend I watch? I just love TV too much

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