Wednesday 4 April 2018

Some Kind Of Wonderful By Giovanna Fletcher Book Review

Recently I've really got back into reading again and it's been so nice to pick up a book and just get stuck in. I ordered a few from Amazon last month, one of those being Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine which I've already reviewed and one being Some Kind Of Wonderful by Giovanna Fletcher. Book reviews aren't something I've ever really done on my blog but I loved writing about Eleanor Oliphant so I thought why not carry on and do a review of Some Kind Of Wonderful too?
When the love of your life says you're not The One, who are you? 
Lizzy and Ian have been a couple since the first week of university. Now, after celebrating a decade together, everyone thinks they're about to get engaged. Instead, a romantic escape to Dubai leaves Lizzy with no ring, no fiance and no future. Lizzy is heartbroken - but through the tears, she sees an opportunity. This is her moment to discover what she's been missing while playing Ian's 'better half'. But how much has Ian changed her, and who should she be without him? Determined to discover who she is at heart, Lizzy sets out to rediscover the girl she was before - and, in the meantime, have a little fun...

My review

 I've been following Giovanna Fletcher on Instagram for a while but it's taken me until this year to buy one of her books and I really don't know why that is as I've seen so many great reviews of her previous books, such as Billy and Me. As I saw many of her insta stories last year where she showed herself working until late writing and clearly putting so much time and effort into it, this one stood out to me from the beginning and just like the sort of story I'd like to read. I started it pretty much straight after I'd finished Eleanor Oliphant and though both quite different stories, both I loved for their own reasons.

This was a very easy read and just so enjoyable, I ended up getting through the whole thing in just a few days as I couldn't put it down. I'm going to try not to give too much away now but I want to try and explain properly why I loved it so much. You might think as it starts with Lizzy being dumped, it could be all doom and gloom but it really wasn't. We get to see the change over time of Lizzy from broken hearted girl to a strong single woman, and without giving too much away I love the journey she goes on. I thought Lizzy was a really relatable character, as even if you haven't been heartbroken like her, everyone has moments of doubt and confusion over where their life is going, and who they really are, and that's what a lot of this is about. I know I could certainly get where she was coming from, sometimes you do look around see so many people with their life together, and wonder when that will be you, so for that reason I think she's someone a lot of women could warm too and gain some comfort from. Something else I loved about the story was how realistic it was. After splitting with Ian, she finds herself back at her mums, being supported by family and friends. There's no big 'thing', it's just very normal and probably how a lot of people would deal with being single after such a long relationship. Finally, I also really enjoyed that there wasn't another big romance brought into it. Though there are hints of something between Lizzy and new friend Alistair, she doesn't jump straight into it and act as if the past with Ian never happened. It's a very empowering story I suppose of how you don't need a man to make you happy, and even though I love the little bits between those two (and I'm deffo rooting for them if there's a follow up), it was left open and definitely not the main focus of the book which I liked.

Overall I just loved reading Some Kind Of Wonderful. It made me smile, laugh and even get a little bit emotional, but I think that's how you know it's a good book if it makes you feel something. So far I've not seen anything about a follow up to this but I so hope one day there will be. Lizzy was a really endearing character for many reasons and I'd love to see how life turned out for her. 

If you want to give this a read, which I highly recommend you do, it's currently £6.49 on Amazon.

Have you read Some Kind Of Wonderful? or any other books from Giovanna Fletcher?

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