Thursday 5 April 2018

Refreshing Our Home For Spring*

Though the weather is very up and down at the moment, Spring is here and it's been making me want to have a serious sort out in our flat. Does anyone else get like that at the start of a new season? I always get the urge to almost start again as each new season starts and have a little refresh of everything. As I'm in a serious sorting mode right now, I wanted to do a post on a few things I'm doing to change up our home for Spring and Summer this year, and they're all things you can do too!
Refreshing Our Home For Spring*

De-Clutter Each Room & Get Rid

I find we get our flat into a good state and everything will have it's own place but over time we just get a bit lazy with it all and before we know it things have started to build up again. Our spare room is the main problem and it's been the bane of my life for the last 3 years! It's not too bad at the moment as it's close to becoming an office but that's basically been a dumping ground since we moved in. Every so often George and I like to have a serious de-clutter and sort through all of our stuff in each room. I always feel 10x better afterwards! We always find things that we just don't need and have been holding onto for no reason at all, just taking up space that could be used for other things. To do a serious de-clutter I tend to tackle one room and he will do another, that way we're out of each others way and can just focus on the job in hand. I tend to start in the kitchen, getting pretty much getting everything out of the cupboards and only putting things back in that we actually genuinely need and use. We apply this to each room and afterwards everything feels so much clearer, clean and fresh. I also find when the flat is tidy, I feel much more focused and together, it's so true 'tidy house, tidy mind'.

Spring Clean

Following on from my last point, when doing a bit of a sort out, give everything a good clean too whilst you're at it. When sorting through the kitchen, before putting things back in their place, I give it all a deep clean and by the end it looks like brand new. I do the same with every other room and by the end of the day everything looks sparkly clean and smells beautiful. I like to pick up cleaning bits from places like B&M as they're really not expensive and last ages so that's all I use. I always feel so much better after a proper spring clean, put some music on and get to it and by the end you'll be so thankful you did.

Bring In New Spring Like Pieces

I always like to pick up a few bits to change up each room when a new season starts, I just can't help myself. For Spring I'm all about the yellows, flowers and pastels and I find bringing in a few new pieces like this can completely change up a room. At the moment I'm after a yellow fluffy blanket to add to the living room, I'm loving this Honey one from Asda and it's only £5! Next also have some gorgeous Spring pieces in like this Meadow Floral Bedding, Time For Tea Oven Gloves, Our Nest Doormat, and my personal favourite the Wooden Digestive Tray - perfect for afternoons in the garden with a cup of tea! Another place I've been looking for a few Spring like pieces is Groupon. Groupon are somewhere I've turned to a few times in the past for all sorts of bargains, you can find just about anything, from brilliant patio and garden furniture deals, to Home Decor and even Health and Beauty amongst lots of other things. I'm currently eyeing up the Yankee Candle bundles as I clearly don't already have enough!

So that's the things I'm currently doing to get our home feeling all fresh and spring like! I love a clear out and I think the start of a new season is always the perfect time to do that. 

*This post is in collaboration with Groupon. Affiliate links also used in this post

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