Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Weekend Summary #3 - Paradise Island and Family Time...

There wasn't a weekend post last week as there really wasn't much to say, it was a very quiet weekend and even though it was really nice, it definitely wouldn't be an exciting one to write about or for you to read! This weekend though we had Georges brothers over which is always fun and it was definitely more exciting than last week!

I had been waiting for Friday as soon as I went to work on Tuesday, work has been so busy and I had loads to do, but it's better to be busy and I enjoyed everything I was doing. I was so excited for a lie in this weekend though, it felt amazing to get in on Friday knowing I had some time off. We started the weekend off on Friday night by getting a takeaway with the boys, we have the best curry place near us so we went a bit overboard and got loads. Saturday we went to Paradise Island which is a mini golf place in Sheffield, I didn't even know it existed but it was really good, I think I came last but I did get a hole in one at one point so I didn't do that bad. When we got back we made Pitta Pizzas which I forgot to take a picture of and we all watched X Factor with some treats.
After the boys had gone on Sunday me and George watched Taken 3 together and it was so good! I normally hate those sort of films but I loved the first two and I think the third was just as good, I really recommend it if you haven't seen it. We also had bank holiday Monday together which was nice as George is normally working. We went to Meadowhall which was packed and we picked up something nice for tea, we went for Steak but again I forgot to take a picture. I normally take quite a few pictures for my weekend posts but we were having too much fun so I didn't want to get my phone out all the time. I did manage to get some good ones from Saturday though when we went to mini golf, George had to pose when I got the camera out!

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