Monday, 24 August 2015

Lush The Comforter...

I don't think there is one blogger I follow who doesn't love The Comforter from Lush. It's been of my favourites for years now but because I get so caught up in all the amazing bath bombs, its not one I purchase a lot. 
First of all I just love the colour, it makes the water go a really soft pink, darker if you add more. But I like to use a chunk of this with some Radox that way I get a really good bubble bath with a little bit of colour too! This will easily last me 5 baths or so as I don't use loads but even when I feel like i'm using a lot, it just seems to last forever! 

I definitely want to start getting more bubble bars rather than bath bombs from Lush. I really do go a bit mad at christmas with the bath bombs just because they bring so many out and its so exciting, I think this year will be even worse because now I have a job, i'm going to have a worrying amount to spend in Lush! Anyway I love the bath bombs at christmas like Shoot For The Stars which is my absolute favourite but throughout the rest of the year I think, this is going to sound fancy, its more cost effective to get a bubble bar, for me anyway. As they last so long, you can easily get more than a few baths out of it whereas for only about a pound less or so you can get a bath bomb and only get one use out of it. 

Do you like The Comforter? I really want to go to the Oxford Street store as I know they do the comforter shower gel as an exclusive, I bet it smells amazing! 

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