Friday, 21 August 2015

Recent Beauty and Random Favourites...

As I said in my Beauty, Food and TV Favourites, I am just going to do these posts every so often, when I feel like they're are things worth mentioning. I don't want to commit to doing monthly favourites as some months I just go blank and can't think of anything I've been particularly loving or anything I've bought. It turns out over the last few weeks there has been a few new things which I've been really enjoying and I wanted to share them!
1. Ted - We bought this when the boys came to stay as we love having movie nights and it always works out so much cheaper than going to the cinema. They wanted this mainly because it came with a free t-shirt but I don't think they had seen it before and me and George hadn't watched it in ages. It's still just as funny as the first time I watched it, which was ages ago now. I really want to see the second film but i'm not sure if it will be as good as the first!

2. Colorfy App - I found this app a few weeks ago after someone posted a picture of it on Instagram. I might be 20 but I still love colouring and I've heard from so many people that it helps them with their anxiety so I really wanted to give a try. I like going on this for a bit each night to keep me calm and nice and relaxed just before bed. There are so many different patterns, animals, flowers etc that you can choose to colour. I really recommend it if you need something to distract you for a while. 

3. Love Rosie - I posted a review of this film just recently as we had recently been watching it again, I've just fallen in love with it all over again. It's just a perfect romantic comedy and it's just a really easy watch. We put this on most nights if there is nothing on but we need something on to fall asleep too. You can read my full review here

4. Primark Bedding - Since we moved in, I have wanted a pastel theme for the bedroom and slowly but surely we are getting there, we've lived here for ages now but it seems to be taking so long to get each room done exactly how we want it. I found this bedding set for only £11 in Primark and I had to get it. I also got two extra pillowcases for only £2. You can't beat Primark for homeware as its so reasonably priced. I love how different this bedding is to anything else we have. We have a really light blue bedding set and we have a red one which is more of a spare, I think this new one might be my favourite. 

5. Next Perfume - I picked this up on a bit of a whim a few weeks ago when Next had a huge sale on. I can't resist it when they have a sale on, especially on things like this. This perfume won't overtake my Boss Orange as my favourite but it's a close second. It's different to any others I have and not only does it smell good, I love the bottle. It reminds me a lot of Jo Malone, without the huge price tag. I just can't justify spending over £80 on a perfume. This was only £9 and it was supposed to be £25 so a real bargain. I'm already feeling sad at the thought of this running out!

What have you been loving recently?

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