Friday, 2 January 2015

Lush Shoot For The Stars

I do love a bath bomb, there is not much better to me than hot bubble bath with one of these in fizzing away. I got the Shoot For The Stars bath bomb recently and it has fast become one of my favourites. That's saying something too as I've used and loved so many other things from Lush in the past.

I'd not seen this one in store before but I was instantly drawn to it because of the bright blue. Lush have so many exciting bath bombs, especially around this time of year and I'm so glad I've found this, I'm sure it will be one I want every year now though!
Lush Shoot For The Stars
This bath bomb literally turned the bath water into a galaxy. I thought this would just make the water blue but it was multicoloured! As soon as I put it into the bath, there were pinks, green and yellows coming out of the bath bomb aswell as lots of pretty patterns before eventually turning a deep blue with sparkles and little stars. 

Aswell as looking incredible, it had such a beautiful scent too! It filled the bathroom and I could smell it for hours afterwards. For the price I think this is brilliant and so worth trying. It was a lovely addition to a pamper night!

Have you tried this bath bomb? What's your favourite Lush product?

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Anonymous said...


laurent93 said...

This is one of my favourites from Lush! :) x

Unknown said...

Looks lovely. I love lush bath bombs! x

Maria Beardall said...

I've had this one, I would say so white is my fave though x

Tiffany Timms said...

I don't think i've tried that one, ill have to look out for it! :) x

Tiffany Timms said...

Me too! Could buy loads everytime im in there haha x

Tiffany Timms said...

Me too! Definitely getting it again :) x

Tiffany Timms said...

It looked even better when it had completely dissolved, so pretty x

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