Saturday, 23 January 2016

Lush Favourites #1

I thought it was about time I did a post with all of my favourite things from Lush as I love so many of their products and I try to make sure i'm stocked up all through the year! 
The Comforter, Snow Fairy, Golden Wonder and Intergalactic (not mentioned).

1.Shoot For The Stars 

I don't actually have a picture of but its my absolute favourite! I first picked it up in Manchester in 2014 and as its a christmas one I have to make sure I get at least one or two each year, It just makes the water go a really deep, dark blue with glitter and I just love all the different colours you get from it. 

2. The Comforter 

I definitely prefer the excitement of bath bombs over bubble bars but this one is just the best. It's a perfect pink and it just makes my skin so soft, I love to use this when I've had a hard day or i'm feeling a bit stressed. It's one i'll always repurchase. 

3. The Rough With The Smooth 

I had never tried a body scrub from Lush until a few weeks ago, I ordered one in the Boxing Day sale and honestly, I can't wait to get it again, I've already gone through it and I loved it. It exfoliates your skin and you really feel so clean after this! 

4. Golden Wonder 

I just love this, first of all it's huge and you don't expect it to turn the water into the colour it does, and it has gold stars and glitter so its just amazing, again this is one that they stock at christmas so I always try to get a few of these a year, the smell is just amazing too. 

5. Snow Fairy 

How could I do this post and not mention Snow Fairy? I am in love with the smell of it, its just sweet and the bathroom just smells amazing for so long after I've used this! I think the little bottles are so cute aswell and so reasonably priced. 

I love so many other things from Lush like Twilight Bath Bomb, Sex Bomb Bath Bomb, Brightside Bubble Bar, there's just loads!

What are your favourites from Lush?

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