Sunday, 10 January 2016


I did one of these posts last year, a sort of review of the year I suppose and it'll be nice for me to look back on one day so I'm going to make it something I do every year, the 2014 one is here if you want to have a read.
An old picture of us but one of my favourites, Manchester Christmas Market 2015, Christmas Day this year, London 2015. 
One of the main things that happened in 2015, if not the main thing is that I finally got a job! It took me so long but I finally did it and I love it. I don't know why it took me so long, I had literally been trying for a year to find something, in Leicester before we moved back and then in Sheffield but luckily someone took a chance on me. I love that my job is a mix of working in the office doing admin things and being on reception, I like both so its nice that during the week there is a mix of both. I feel like I've really settled in now and I've got to know a lot of the clients and people know my name! I feel like I was obviously meant to get this job as it took me so long and I had volunteered at this place before so it all seemed to work out. George also got a new job this year and I am so proud of him. I was anyway but now hes doing something he really enjoys and I know hes going to do so well. 

We went to London for the first time this year and I loved it, we've already decided to go back in a few months so I can't wait for that. I think we're going to go for a bit longer next time as it just goes so quick and there is so much to see! We stayed right near the London Eye so we definitely want to stay in the same hotel and make sure we see places we didn't last time. It's kind of our birthday present to each other too as its so expensive so I really want to go all out this time. We also went to Manchester for the Christmas Market again as we went last year and its really one of my favourite places, it just makes me so happy when we go there for a few days and I really want to make it a tradition that we go every year.

Christmas 2014, we hadn't been in the flat long, it was so rushed but I made sure 2015 was different, as we were properly settled. We had a really good christmas, I got prepared so early this year and it was a really nice day. We've definitely decided next time we move we aren't doing it just before christmas as it was a nightmare last year! We still have things we want to change in the flat, we always do, but we're getting there month by month, the living room is so cosy now and I really love it and as we're going to be living here for another year or so, I want to get every room sorted and properly how we want it. I've got so many ideas!

Like last year, there has been so many ups and downs and I don't know how we always manage to get through it but we do, every year I look forward to whatever else is yet to come, we have some really exciting things planned for 2016 so hopefully its going to be a good year for us!

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