Friday, 11 September 2015

The Countdown to Christmas...

I know its only just September but I feel like I can now get properly excited for christmas. 

Some people love Summer but im not one of them, I know we didn't get much of a summer at all but I am so glad we're on our way to Autumn and Winter. I've literally been waiting for this since christmas last year. I just love it when its cold and I can get all cosy with blankets and have the candles on while watching christmas films. ITV2 have already started playing The Holiday and thats when you know christmas isn't too far away. It's one of those films you can just watch over and over at christmas.
It doesn't even feel like it was that long ago when we were preparing for christmas last year, we had just moved into our flat and we had to try and find presents for people on not much money and in very little time but I think we did okay with what we had, I can't wait to start buying presents for people this year! I've already got a list on my phone of present ideas for people and if I could I would buy them now, I like to get sorted early. As we're going to Manchester in November again, I've already planned to get as many presents as possible while we're there and then once we're back we can just get the last things that we need. I think we've got some really good presents planned this year and I can't wait to see if people like them. I really need to have a think about what to get George though, men are so hard to buy for! If you have any ideas please let me know! I have a few things in mind but I feel like im always getting the same things and I really want to go all out on presents for him this year because he deserves it. I can't wait for us both to open our presents on christmas morning and watch films together while we make christmas dinner, last christmas was perfect being together so I can't wait for the same this year. I want to make the flat really cosy this year. The living room and kitchen are basically done, the only thing we are missing is a mirror for above the sofa, I feel like once we have that then we're done. I want to get a big christmas tree this year and have decorations all round the room. I can't wait. 

Only 3 months to go! Are you excited for christmas?

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