Saturday, 19 September 2015

Next Homeware Wishlist...

So as I haven't had chance to put many blog posts out this past week, I thought I would do one today and what better than a homeware wishlist! 

I absolutely love Next for homeware, I've mentioned it on my blog so many times and I love it when they have their huge sales on every so often, I just want to buy everything. I said a few weeks ago I really want to get the flat finished by christmas this year, we are so close to finishing with the kitchen and living room, there are just a few final things we need and we've decided to completely change the bedroom so we are looking at new furniture and I need loads of new candles and accessories obviously!
All images taken from Next.
The main thing I want to get for the living room is a mirror for above the main sofa. I've wanted one for ages but we just haven't got round to it but I think this Camden Mirror is just perfect, it's exactly what I've been looking for and will match everything else in the living room so well. It's £75 which to be honest I don't think is bad for a mirror, they can be so expensive so I think this is actually a really good price and I know we would keep it for years. The last thing I want for the kitchen is a bit of a random one but its a new dish-drainer, we have a plastic one that was here when we moved in but it just gets dirty really quickly and I see so many nice metal ones all the time and I really want one. I love the Black Single Tier Metal Drainer for £16.

A few things I want for the bedroom, aside from new wardrobes and drawers are some new candle holders. We have some tealights on the window sill but I haven't found any nice holders for them until now, I did see some in Primark a few weeks ago but there was only 1 left and I didn't want to take the risk of buying 1 and then them never been in stock again! I love this set of 3 Bubble Glass Tea Lights and I think £12 is a great price as they seem really good quality and look so pretty. I think these would look so nice in the window. Also for the window I want to get a little vase with fake flowers in like this Mauve Peony Jam Jar which is £10. I think it adds a nice touch to the bedroom and is something a little different, I love peonies too. When we first moved in I got something similar to this for the bathroom windowsill and it's seriously one of the best things I've ever bought, I absolutely love it and I know I can use it in other rooms too one day. As it's getting cold now, I love to change up the bedding around autumn and winter time. I always seem to look for the christmassy sets and I love this Red and Grey Check Bed Set, I really want it so I can put it on in December!

Do you love shopping for homeware bits? Would you buy anything on this wishlist?


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