Monday, 5 October 2015

Weekend Summary #6 and #7 - Payday Shopping!

I hope these posts don't get boring for people as i'm aware I really don't do much exciting and the last few weeks I just haven't felt great. So I thought I would combine last weeks and this weeks, last week I had the worst period pains, why do they exist! So we had a movie day which definitely made me feel a little better!

We watched Man Up which we've been wanting to see for ages and seriously it was just the best film. Simon Pegg is so funny and I loved the story, I can't wait to get it on DVD, I really recommend it if you want a good film to watch on a Saturday night. We also watched a new film with Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart, it was okay, I suppose what I expected, I don't think I would rush to watch it again but it was funny. Apart from that I literally did nothing which was actually quite nice.
The weekend just gone George was off on Friday so I met him after work and we went to Meadowhall as I had been paid a few days before, payday is just the best. I have been wanting some new cosy pyjamas for ages as its really getting cold now and I saw the perfect ones on Instagram a few days ago and I had to get them! They're Winnie the Pooh which is just my absolute favourite, I already have a Winnie Onesie but I still needed these, they were £13 and you get the cosy pyjama bottoms and long sleeved top and some fluffy socks too. I love them. I also picked up my Superdrug order, Barry M have an offer on at the moment, spend £7 on their products and get a free Showgirl Mascara, I really need some nail polish and theirs is my favourite so I thought I would go for it and get the offer. I got the nail polish in the colour Plum which I think is going to be a new favourite of mine, so perfect for winter, and I got Dragon Fruit which is a really nice pink and I don't have many like that. I've used the Mascara once so far but it seems really good and I'm looking forward to using it again to see how it compares to my Rimmel Endless Mascara, I might do a full review in a few weeks. As I am such an amazing fiance, I also bought George Fifa 16 which I know has been out for a few weeks and he really wanted it, I expect a pretty good present when he gets paid now ;) When we got in I relaxed with a glass of wine which has a really weird name but its really nice, while George cooked tea.
This post is long enough so I think i'll leave it there but we really didn't do much else, just spent some time together and had a really nice weekend, we also watched loads of Doctor Foster as we had it recorded, how amazing is it! So tense and I can't wait to see how it ends on Wednesday. Have you been watching it? Next week should be a bit more exciting as we have Georges brothers to stay and i'm sure we'll be taking them somewhere fun!

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