Monday, 19 October 2015

Weekend Summary #9 - The Worst Cold!

I literally have the worst cold at the moment. It started Thursday and I just knew it wasn't going to go away, its Sunday when im writing this and I've spent the day sneezing and coughing and generally feeling like death warmed up. You don't realise how much you appreciate breathing until you have a blocked nose. When I have a blocked nose I turn into a monster, I feel so bad for George because i'm just a nightmare when im ill or in any sort of pain, god knows how i'll cope when I have children. 

We really needed a food shop so on Saturday we went to Asda and spent more money than we intended too. We bought loads of treats, im sure its a rule when you have a sore throat and feel like actual crap, you can eat what you want. We got Ben and Jerrys, Mini Heroes, Pizza, just everything. When we got in I had a long, hot bath and then later on we watched Gone Girl. We'd both been wanting to watch it for ages but we bought the book first and wanted to read that first. George started it a few days ago and has finished it already. I knew it was probably going to be quite complicated so I thought I'd watch the film before reading the book. Oh My God, I don't even know what to say about the film, so weird! It was really good and there were lots of twists and I had no idea how it was going to end. But that said I hated the ending! I don't want to give anything away but seriously she's a psycho and deserved way more than she got. 
On Sunday I made a roast, I was determined to make something nice even though I don't have much taste at the moment! Sausages, Roast Potatoes, Stuffing, Yorkshire Puddings and lots of vegetables! It was amazing, I could actually eat a roast everyday!

What did you get up to this weekend?

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