Sunday, 3 January 2016

What I Got For Christmas 2015.

I was not expecting to get as many presents as I did this christmas, we both got each other more than we had planned and spent more than we had thought we would but we wanted to make it really special this year. I was totally spoilt I don't know where to start but I really wanted to do this post.

I got quite a few things from Lush, some of my favourites and some new things to try which im excited about, Butterbear, Shoot For The Stars, Golden Wonder, Bar Humbug, Intergalactic and Father Christmas. I've already used the Father Christmas one which I really loved, I'd never thought to pick it up before but its definitely one I want to get again next year. I also got a few Lush sets from some other people, from one of our friends I got the Snow Fairy Gift Set, I love Snow Fairy and had just ran out from last year so this is perfect! and from somebody I work with I got The Night Before Christmas set. I definitely wasn't expecting to get anything from people at work so I am really grateful, I also got a bottle of wine from somebody else I work with and my boss got me a little Champneys gift set and a mug which says 'Keep Calm, I'm the receptionist' I was so happy with that seriously. 
From Georges Auntie I got a lovely necklace, from his uncle we got a big box of chocolates which we've already gone through and from his other uncle we got a chocolate melting mug where you can light a candle at the bottom of it and it melts chocolate at the top so you can dip things into it, I can't wait to use it. We also got some really nice chocolates and candles from his brothers, the candles smell so good and they're all christmas themed so I can keep christmas going on for months and months yet ;). A few other bits I got from George were some perfume from New Look which I'm going to keep in my bag at work, its the perfect size, This Works Dream Team Duo which has a deep sleep pillow spray and a de-stress spray, which I definitely need, a new book The Husbands Secret which looks really good, I can't wait to get reading it, and I had been going on for ages about how I wanted a big tub of just the strawberry chocolates from Quality Street, i'd seen them in a few shops and was really hoping he would get me some and he did, im savoring every single one as I love them so much. 
There were other things too but this post is already long enough and I worry people will think im just bragging, i'm really not, I like reading these posts from other people and to see what they've got, so maybe people will like to see what I got too. Christmas this year has been amazing, we got some really good presents but its not all about that, its been nice having time off together and spending it with family too. 

Did you get anything exciting for Christmas? I'd love to know!

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