Thursday, 31 December 2015

Christmas 2015...

I felt so much more prepared for Christmas this year, last year it was so rushed as we had just moved in and even though it was good, I felt like this year was really special. We were just so happy all day and it's so soppy but it really was perfect. I really wanted to do a full post on it even though i didn't get many pictures. I know I'll want to read this back one day. Anyway, George woke me at 7 on Christmas day but there was no way I was getting up that early, we had both struggled to sleep and I could have slept all morning but we got up just after 8 and opened our presents. I was so spoilt by George, im so lucky to get everything that I got because I wasn't expecting it and im so grateful, it shows he actually listens to me as there were a few things i'd mentioned ages ago and even i'd forgotten about them. I'm going to do a separate post on what I got (not bragging, I just personally like to see what others got ) over the next few days. I do think I did pretty well with Georges presents too, especially the Star Wars things as he's really into it at the moment.

After we'd opened our presents, we had croissants for breakfast which were amazing and I started prepping all the food for christmas dinner. The Santa Clause films were on TV too so we watched them and then put White Christmas on. I know how much George loves the film so I bought it him on DVD so now we can watch it every year on christmas day. 
We both bought each other new slippers and pyjamas, so comfy. 
I wanted to take a picture of christmas dinner as it was so good but we were just enjoying it too much, I followed a Jamie Oliver recipe for the roast potatoes and veg and I know it will be one I follow every year now, honestly so good. I spent hours on christmas eve watching Jamie Oliver programs and Nigella as George was working and I had time off and I wanted to make sure everything was as good as possible. Overall it was a really lovely day, we fell asleep on the settee after watching a film, drank quite a bit of Prosecco and started to get through all the chocolate we got for each other and from other people. I already can't wait for next christmas. 

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