Monday, 21 December 2015

Weekend Summary #15 - Making Mince Pies and Pizza Hut with the Boys...

I actually can't believe christmas is on Friday, its so close but it feels like the run up to it has just gone so fast and its almost over. It's literally my favourite time of the year and I really don't want it to go yet. The thought of having to take down all of the decorations makes me want to cry. And once Christmas is over, its almost my birthday, i'll be 21 but I already feel about 30. I'm not really looking forward to it, I just want christmas to go on for weeks and weeks. 

We finally got the final few bits a few weeks ago so its so nice and cosy. We have all the presents around the tree now (which were put there after I took the picture), we've got a new frame for the wall (not just for christmas) which I really love, I've wanted something like it for ages but couldn't find the perfect one and we've got our christmas candles from Homesense which i'm going to have to light at some point but they're just so pretty. I did light them for a picture but I couldn't bare for them to just get ruined so I blew them out straight after!
This weekend we had the boys over and we swapped presents and we opened ours from them. I just find it so hard to wait until christmas day when someone gives us presents early! We watched so many films this weekend, we watched The Grinch as I've never seen it, its so strange, I don't know whether I liked it not. We also watched Love Actually which is just my favourite and there were some non christmas films too, Lets Be Cops, Inbetweeners 2 and Cloverfield I think. We went out to Pizza Hut on Saturday and had so much food. Me and George shared a pizza but ended up taking most of it home, I struggled with one slice, the boys had their own, we had starters and desserts too so we were all so full that night. But we did make mince pies, I just wanted to make them as I never had before and Alfie really wanted too and he actually likes them, unfortunately George still wouldn't try one. They were so so simple to make so i'll definitely be making them again next year. On Sunday we saw some family at ours and then had a very chilled night once the boys had gone. We watched Love Actually again as it was on TV but I could watch it over and over again.
So this will probably be my last post now before Christmas! I hope you all have a wonderful few days and get everything you hoped for! I'm so excited but just don't want it to be over!

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