Monday, 29 August 2016

August Favourites - Game of Thrones, Etsy Prints and Diet Doodle Diary...

I can't believe it's time for another monthly favourites!
Me Before You (Book) - I mentioned the film Me Before You in my May Favourites which I absolutely loved. I read the book years ago but I really wanted to read it again after seeing the film and I think because I've seen the film now it makes it even better, I can really picture all the characters and hear their voices and i'm really enjoying reading it. I find it hard to put it down once I start. I have almost finished it so when I have i'm going to read Me After You which I'm hoping will be just as good!

Game of Thrones - I really didn't want to watch this program, everyone has gone on about it for so long and I was adamant and I wouldn't be one of them, but George started watching it last month and I was catching bits of each episode and I was starting to get interested so we both started it from the beginning again and now we're onto series 3 and are loving it. So much happens and every episode is good which doesn't normally happen, we've had so many days just dedicated to watching it all day!

Etsy Prints - I have been wanting to make a photo wall in the bedroom for so long so I decided to buy some prints to put up and I found one on Etsy which I just loved, its the Camembear Print by ClareBarclayDraws, its so cute! It was £10 and I can't wait to put it up on the wall with a few others I have. She also sent me a postcard version of the print and a little lambrini print too for free which was an added bonus! 

Cadbury Tiffin Chocolate - I love Tiffin and make my own a lot, recipe here if you want to take a look, so when I saw this Cadbury tiffin a few weeks ago, I had to get it. It has added raisins and biscuits and is just amazing. It's limited edition so I need to stock up before it goes!

Cleopatra Candles - When we went to Meadowhall with the boys we went to Cleopatra in the lanes and I picked up a few candles, they had so many to choose from and they all smelled so good and were really strong so I thought they would make the whole flat smell nice. I got the Baked Apple one which was about £1.50 and I can't explain how good it is, and I also got the Intense Wax Melt which smells like mens aftershave! and that was only £1.25. I normally just get my candles from Yankee Candle and I sometimes pick cheap ones up from Primark, but I definitely want to go back to Cleopatra to get some more of these!

Diet Doodle Diary - I had one of these a while ago when I was getting back into Slimming World but after a tough few weeks, I fell off track and I wanted to completely start again. I picked a new one up from The Works, its should be £10 but is only £3 so well worth the money and it's great for using everyday to track meals and exercise. There are also sections in the book where you can write your goals, write how your feeling, stick pictures in for motivation, there is loads to it and I would definitely recommend it if you're wanting to track your weight loss and meals.

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