Monday, 25 July 2016

June and July Favourites - The Lean Machines, Love Island and VIP...

I never got round to doing a proper favourites in June so I thought instead of missing out completely I would just combine last months with July's, as always there are a few films included but also a mix of TV, food and books!
Equals Source, Cineworld VIP, Galaxy Duet and The Lean Machines Book. 
The Lean Machines, Eat Well, Move Better and Feel Awesome - I actually bought this book for George as one of his presents for our anniversary, I knew he would like it as he's getting into running and exercise a bit more now that he's training for Tough Mudder, there are loads of tips in the book and my favourite part is all the recipes! So many different ones to choose from and they all look really tasty and easy to make.

Love Island - I was hooked on this show last year and this year was exactly the same! It's ended now but every night when it finished I looked forward to watching it the next night, there was so much drama! I just love shows like this that run for weeks and have real people in where anything can happen. My favourites were Terry and Malin but after she went he completely changed so my vote went to Scott and Kady.

Galaxy Duet - I have always loved galaxy but recently we got all three flavours of the galaxy duets and now they are something we get most weekends! They do Cookies and Cream, Caramel and Shortcake and Toffee and Popcorn. The Toffee and Popcorn is my favourite at the minute but I do also really like the Cookies and Cream, its so hard to choose!

Cineworld VIP - We had been wanting to do this for quite a while but at £29 per ticket, even at £19 per ticket with an unlimited card we weren't sure whether it would be worth the money, but after booking to do it around our 5 year anniversary, we now know it is so worth the money and definitely want to do it again! The VIP experience is basically a buffet before the film in a separate section of the cinema, unlimited cinema snacks e.g. hot dogs, nachos and popcorn and drinks and comfy seats which recline and it was so nice to have the foot rest up and properly sit back and relax while watching a film!

The Conjuring 2 - I love a good horror film and most of the time i'm fine with them, but this was actually a lot scarier than I thought it would be. We watched the first film a while ago and as we knew we wanted to see the second one, we re-watched it a few weekends ago aswell as Annabelle, both were scary but the first one has got nothing on this. It was generally a much better story I thought and I think it made it worse to watch because it was based on a true story (Enfield Poltergeist), I think Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson are great in it aswell.

Equals - We saw this advertised ages ago at the cinema but there was no release date and there was hardly any information online about it aswell, I don't know why but I just loved the trailer for it and thought it looked like it would be a really interesting film, luckily after lots of searching we managed to find it online and I wasn't let down. It was just so tense throughout and at the end it took a while for my breathing to go back to normal, I really don't know what it was about it that I enjoyed so much but I really did love it.

What have you been loving this month? Have you seen any of the films I've mentioned?

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