Wednesday, 25 January 2017

5 Films To Watch On A Bad Day...

You know those days where you just need a good laugh? or sometimes even a good cry? Well I have them a lot and on those days I like to get cosy with a good film and a load of chocolate. I have picked a few of my faves that really help me on a down day just in case you are needing something new to watch or something to have a good sob to!

1. How To Be Single 

I could watch this film over and over and not get bored, it's a female led comedy and is laugh out loud funny. It's about 4 single women in New York, all at different stages in their life and it's a film not necessarily about finding somebody new but about finding themselves and all the hilarious things that happen on the way. If you like Rebel Wilson, you have to watch this, she's her usual funny self and it was great to see a more fun character from Dakota Johnson as I had only seen her in Fifty Shades. This would be a great one to watch on a Friday night with a glass of wine and chocolates after a tough week.

2. Paddington 

This is one of my favourite films, it makes me cry every time but is so funny. It's about a bear from Peru who is on the hunt for a family in London after an earthquake destroys his family home, he settles with a family but a taxidermist wants him for herself to go in her museum. It sounds silly but it is a great film and I don't care if its aimed more at younger people, it is the best and is perfect to watch if you're not in a great mood. If you have kids it would also be a great one to watch with them on a rainy weekend.

3. About Time 

This film is actually a bit sad and it does make me cry but sometimes when your having a bad day you just need to have a good cry and let it all out. This film for me is just an all time favourite. The relationship between Tim and Mary is so beautiful and everything you could want, but I love that the film is also about Tim's relationship with his dad and the scenes between them make me so emotional. There are so many funny parts in the film too and the wedding scene is one of my favourites, it really is a lovely film and one that just makes you smile.

4. This is 40

 I feel like this film is a glimpse into the future for me and George. We are such a stereotypical couple and I feel like this film just highlights all the annoying things that people do when your in a relationship! Leslie Mann makes this film, she is so good in every film she does, it's supposed to be the sort of sequel to Knocked Up but in my opinion is so much better!

5. Bridesmaids 

I don't think their are many comedies better than Bridesmaids. It just doesn't get old and is always just as funny as the first time. This is the film me and George saw on our first date and if you've seen it you know the first scene, and it was a little bit awkward to watch on a first date but it's so funny to look back on it and watch it together now. My favourite character in it is Megan played by Melissa McCarthy, her lines make me laugh every single time. It's a perfect film to watch when you need cheering up.
Have you seen any of these? What's your favourite film to watch on a bad day?

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