Tuesday, 24 January 2017

How I Self Care & Why It's Important...

We all do some form of self care each day, just getting up and getting dressed, eating and washing but I don't think enough people take enough time to just do what they want to do and properly look after themselves. Having a self care day can mean different things, it could be not doing any of the little, annoying jobs, it could be spending the day watching Netflix, or it could be spending the day shopping with a friend. It doesn't matter what it is but is's so important you have this time.
I think nowadays a lot of people struggle to just stop for a while and have some time out for themselves. You might think it looks selfish or you might think you don't deserve to treat yourself but everyone needs a break sometimes and we don't all have to strive to be perfect in everything we do, we don't all have to have it together. I love having a day to myself to just do what I want and really take care of myself, but I always feel guilty for it, and I won't be the only one. Sometimes I'll feel bad for not doing little jobs like hoovering the living room, or doing another lot of washing and it's so silly. Everyone needs time out to recharge and little jobs like that can wait, it isn't the end of the world. 

Different things work for different people but for me it's a combination of various things which really help me recharge and set me up for the next day. 

Reading is something I definitely don't do enough so if I am feeling particularly down or in need of some time out, there is nothing better for me than reading. I love that you can just lose yourself in a book, your mind is completely focused on the characters and the story and there is no space for your own worries. The last book that really got me was Me Before You, I just lost myself in it and found myself reading it for hours at a time. 

Resting is so important even if you don't particularly feel like you've done much to warrant it, just take 10 minutes to lay down and do nothing and just switch off, stay off social media and rest. I find this is something that helps me with my anxiety, I literally lie on the bed and do nothing and it helps me calm down and collect my thoughts and try to see things in a more positive light. Sleep helps with so many things so if you want a nap, have one! 

I love cooking and creating new things so if I am taking a day for myself, I'll try and make something I haven't made before or i'll make something that is a favourite of mine. There is nothing wrong with treating yourself and there isn't anything much better than a cup of tea and cake. 

Music helps me through a lot. I listen to music everyday, it helps me when I'm blogging and really motivates me but it also really relaxes me on days where I just want to sit and do nothing. There are loads of calming playlists on Spotify that are great for self care days or you could create a playlist of some old favourites to sing along too. 

I don't do it enough but I love exploring new places and going on walks. Last summer we found a park near our flat and had a full afternoon out exploring and it was so lovely, and it's somewhere i'll definitely go again for a long walk when I want some time out, fresh air really helps clear my mind. 

Those are 5 things I like to do on a self care day which could be quite similar to things you like to do or could be completely different. Everyone has different things which help them but I hope it's inspired you a little bit to take some time out every so often as everyone deserves it.

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