Wednesday, 14 June 2017

The M&S Candles I'm Obsessed With

I picked a few candles up when we were last in London and I knew as soon as I bought them that I was going to do a blog post on them. Who knew M&S did some of the best candles ever? Almost as good if not better than Yankee Candle?

As soon as I walked into the M&S on Oxford Street, I went straight for the candles and they had a huge amount to choose from. I was stood just looking at them and smelling them for like a good half an hour! In the end I went for a large Sweet Apple one and a small Vanilla Bean one.
This range seemed to be a bit cheaper than the others they had but if anything, I think these were even better than the others they had. The scents were so strong and I couldn't really leave without getting anything.

Sweet Apple was the first one I saw and they had large jars, small jars, reed diffusers and wax melts. I was originally only going to get a wax melt of this just because I didn't think I had any room for more big candles and really why not just add to my already huge pile of wax melts, for only £1.50. In the end George convinced me to get the large jar and to treat myself, it was £7.50 which I think is absolutely brilliant for a candle this good in this size. A Yankee Candle that big, you're looking at around £20 which I'm just not going to pay. I actually couldn't believe how good value for money this was. It smells incredible so I'm so happy I decided to get it. As I'm no good at describing scents, it says on the M&S website 'delicious scent of a sweet and juicy green apple, blended with pear blossom and soft peach'. It's just lovely, so refreshing and sweet. I already don't want this to run out. I'm glad I did get a large jar of this as one we had in the living room was just about finished so this has been the perfect replacement for it. It goes well with the room and when lit, only smells even more incredible.

Even though I had already got a large jar candle, I couldn't leave without something in the Vanilla Bean Scent. I love this one because it's a bit different from your usual vanilla scent, which I think can be a bit boring sometimes. To me this just smells like baked goods. Like a fresh cake or something. Probably sounds a bit strange but thats all I could think of when I first had a smell of this. It says on the website 'A warm fragrance full of vanilla orchid, sweet caramel and sparkling ylang ylang'. I just got this in the small jar which was £3 but I'm sure I'll get one of the large jars in this scent in future. I think these are such a good size, and would actually make a lovely present. 
I just want to talk about these all day. I'm so impressed with both of these and I will definitely be going back to Marks and Spencers in future to purchase more. They did have a few other scents in this range including Tea Rose and Egyptian Cotton which I'd love to try at some point. As much as I love Yankee Candle, and definitely have my favourites of theirs which I'm sure I'll buy again, for the price of these, I can't imagine myself going back to Yankee for a while.

Have you tried any candles from this range? Do you think you'd like either of these?

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