Thursday, 13 July 2017

A Mid Year Look At My 2017 Blogging Goals

Now we're almost half way through July, I feel like it's time for me to do a little mid year look at my blogging goals for this year. I set myself 6 blogging goals at the start of 2017 and I just thought it would be nice to see where I am with them all and if I'm on track to achieve them over the next few months.

Commit To Blogging 5 Times A Week

 This was one of the main things for me with my blog this year. I have been so committed since the beginning of January with posting Monday to Friday and keeping up with it! I'm so happy about that because I don't feel like personally, mentally and physically this year has been my best so far, so there have definitely been times when my blog could have been forgotten about and I could have quite easily not posted some days. I'm so proud I pushed on though and I've carried on with it. It's hard trying to come up with so many posts so I have content ready to post 5 times a week but I think I've come up with some quite good posts and I'm proud of every single one. Hopefully I can keep up with it for the rest of the year!

Take Part In More Twitter Chats

 This is probably one so far I haven't really done that well with. I've took part in a few chats this year and quite a few comment threads, which I do tend to prefer as I get to read a load of lovely posts and receive some lovely comments back. I just find with chats I really have to be in the right frame of mind for it and over the last few months I just haven't really. If I've had a bad day I just won't even consider it because I know then if maybe not many people respond to me or the topic isn't really something I can say much about, I'll just feel a bit crap. I am definitely going to make more of an effort over the next few months with chats though as they are such a good way of interacting with fellow bloggers, I just feel quite shy a lot of the time and hate putting myself out there but I am going to try again soon. 

1000 Twitter Followers

 This was something I really wanted to hit this year. I know I probably could have got to this a lot quicker if I'd took part in more chats and been a bit more interactive, but regardless of that I finally got there, and before the end of the year! I got to 1000 followers in May and I then went on do a giveaway to celebrate it. I'm now just over 1420 followers which I'm really happy with it. I'm kind of hoping I could get to 2000 now before the end of the year but I'm not putting any pressure on it.

500 Instagram Followers

 I set my Instagram goal quite low, not that 500 isn't a lot, it really is! but I just didn't think I would gain many more followers and ever actually reach that milestone because Instagram is just so hard to grow at the moment. Luckily I've managed to hit that target already and I'm now at 920 followers I think. I'm so happy I've managed to get to that, it was hard because so many people do the whole follow/unfollow game which I just can't be bothered with, but luckily it's happened. I've not set myself another goal for Instagram because, any followers I gain now is a bonus, I just want to post whatever on there and whoever decides to follow, does. 

Write More Personal Posts

 I think there has only been a few really personal posts this year so far, the main one being Some Sort Of Quarter Life Crisis. That was one I'd been wanting to write for a while and it had just got to the point where I needed to let things out, and I actually did feel a bit better afterwards. It was basically about how I felt my life didn't really even compare to a lot of other peoples, and how I was really letting a lot of things get to me. Luckily I think I'm coming out of the other side of it now and feeling a bit more positive about life in general so hopefully that will continue. I also did 22 Things I've Learnt In 22 Years, which is a bit different to my other personal posts but one I really enjoyed thinking about and writing. This year so far I've not done as many weekend summaries as I hoped but I have done a few and they've been nice to read back on. Also I posted our 6 year anniversary one earlier this week and I know that's going to be a favourite of mine to look back so I'm really glad I wrote that.

Improve My Photography 

 I am under no illusion that my photography is still probably pretty bad compared to some but you know, I am so proud of it and how much I've improved. I'm not that much of a creative person so I do struggle coming up with ideas for photos of products, but I do think what I've been doing has actually been quite good. I've started using some different props in my photos and just experimenting a bit. I have a few favourites I've took this year so I'll put some in now for you see. Hopefully I can carry on getting better and better with photography as the year goes on, so far I'm happy though.
I'm really happy with how I'm doing with all of my goals at the moment. I can't believe I've already managed to succeed with some of them, and I think the others are all coming along nicely. I'm actually really glad I decided to set myself some blogging goals, because as much as this is just a nice hobby, it's also nice to see it getting out there to more people and reaching more milestones with it.

Did you set yourself any blogging goals?

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