Monday 10 July 2017

Our 6 Year Anniversary - Italian Food, Cinema & Planning Disney

If you read Thursdays post you'll know that it was mine and Georges 6 year anniversary that day, and I wrote about all the things I've learnt in that time. I loved writing it and quite a few people have already said they can relate which is lovely, so if you want to check that out I'll leave a link here. Anyway, we had planned a really chilled day and it was so lovely so I wanted to blog about it. I did last year for our 5 year anniversary and I'm sure I have years before that too, I love reading back on posts like this so that's my main reason for always doing them. 

So first of all I have to mention the chocolate we got for our anniversary. LOOK AT IT! We decided no presents this year, just cards, as really there isn't much that either of us need and we have too much stuff to save for at the minute so we didn't want to go mad on presents for the sake of it. We are both proper chocoholics though so we decided to order a box of cadbury chocolate from cadburydirect. When we last went to London I tried the Mint Crisp Cadbury from Selfridges which is incredible, but as it's one of the irish bars you can only get it from certain places or online. We found an irish box of cadbury which contained 2 bars of the Mint Crisp, 1 Turkish Delight, 2 Caramello, 2 Tiffin and 1 Golden Crisp, for £10 which I thought was pretty good, and it meant I could have my beloved Mint Crisp back and we could also try some of the other bars we can't get here. We've still got a few bars left surprisingly but it was such a good idea. The mint is obviously my fave but the golden crisp which has honeycomb pieces is also delicious and Turkish Delight is one of my favourites anyway. Definitely going to order more soon! 
So onto our cards, I got a personalised one for George from Moonpig which I think is actually really cute, I had chosen a few different photos of us and also some of our favourite places to put on the front, and George went extra special and a little bit different this year. He got 6 different postcards from Paperchase and he wrote a thing he loves about me on each of them and a nice little paragraph on them all. It was such a thoughtful idea and I know I'm going to love reading them back in the future. The postcards are all so cute too, some have nice quotes on and others are just funny ones, I love them all. We then ended up having breakfast in bed which was delicious, you can't beat croissants, one of my favourite things ever, and exactly what we had last year!
We then ended up binge watching Pretty Little Liars for a few hours, literally obsessed with that show! We only started it a few weeks ago but we're now onto series 2 and loving it, so we caught up on some of that before casually getting ready to go out that evening. 

As we're trying to save money at the moment we didn't do anything out of the ordinary, we just decided on the cinema as it's basically our favourite place, and then we had booked a table at Bella Italia for after. The film we ended up seeing was The House, which is the new film with Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler in. It's so good! I didn't go in expecting it to be the best film in the world, and it wasn't, I just expected a funny, chilled film and that's exactly what it was. Will Ferrell is one of my favourite ever actors and he was just as hilarious in this as he is in any others, and this is also stars Jason Mantzoukas who is becoming one of my favourite comedic actors. He's brilliant in How To Be Single and I'm sure he's in a few other films I've seen recently. Anyway, I highly recommend seeing it if you want a laugh.
We then walked over to Bella Italia for our booking at around half 8 and had the most delicious meal! We started with the bread basket obviously because BREAD IS LIFE. One of my all time favourite things there, and the dip it came with was so yummy. For Mains I had the Pollo Piccante Pizza which is chicken, roasted pepper, onion and green chilli on a spicy, tomato base, and I also went for stuffed crust because is there anything better? I've had this before at Bella Italia and it's just amazing. I ended up leaving about half of it and bringing it home for us to finish the next day as it was really filling, but just so good. I want to eat it again now. George went for pasta and had the Beef and Red Wine Ravioli. He said it was absolutely delicious and I tried a little bit and thought the same. I might have to go for that next time. We also shared some Onion Rings which come with a BBQ sauce and they are always good. We were both so full but there is always room for dessert and we ended up going for the Praline Brownie which came with vanilla gelato and a hot fudge sauce. Just incredible, there are no other words for it.
It was such a lovely meal, it's definitely become of my favourite places to go and they usually always have some sort of offer on aswell which is brilliant. This time we got one of the mains for free as that's the deal they have on at the moment meaning the total bill wasn't actually that bad at all for what we got. 

When we eventually got home we just had a chilled few hours watching TV and also doing something very exciting, planning Disneyworld! Unfortunately we're not going any time soon, hopefully late next year if we can save enough, but either way, we are going one day and it's only recently we've really started considering it. I've just found myself looking more and more at holidays to Florida over the last month or so and I'm so desperate to go. And if we can't afford that then I'd love to go to Disneyland Paris which also looks amazing. I've never been to either but I know George has been to Florida before and he's always said what an amazing place it is. I'd love for it to be our first proper holiday abroad together, I think it would be so magical but we'll see. I keep pricing things up and looking at all the different hotels! I've also become a bit obsessed with watching peoples Disney vlogs on Youtube. I just have to go at some point. 

It was just such a good day and it was nice to have some proper time together without thinking about work, or money or other stressful things, just having that time to eat some good food, watch a funny film and celebrate another year of being together, whilst planning for the future too!

I'd love to know if you've ever been to Disneyworld or Disneyland Paris, is it really as magical as it looks? or is it somewhere you'd also like to go one day, it's one of my dreams!

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