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Pretty Little Liars - Thoughts & Questions

It wasn't until recently that I gave into the hype of Pretty Little Liars and finally watched it. It started in 2010 and finished in June this year and for some reason I was just never that interested, and couldn't really see why it was that popular. After the finale though it was all I could see on my twitter timeline and even though I had no idea what was going on, it made me want to start it, so I did and within a month I'd got through all 7 seasons! Now I've finished it though, I have some serious questions and feel so strongly about some things so I really wanted to do a blog post on it. I know there are probably some big PLL fans so I'd love to know your thoughts on the show but if you are currently watching it or want to start it soon, there are going to be spoilers in this post so don't feel like you have to carry on reading! I'm not going to talk about things in a particular order, just going to write about certain things I really feel like discussing with people!


Okay I had to start with this, because WHAT THE HELL?! I was literally fuming when this happened. Spencer and Caleb together is so wrong and I really don't know why anyone thought that was a good storyline. I've been a big fan of Hanna and Caleb together since they first met and I loved their relationship throughout it all, so to not only split them up several times, but to then make one of Hanna's best friends, get with her ex boyfriend? Is it just me that thinks that's so wrong? I know Hanna and Caleb get their happy ending in series 7 but I think the spaleb stuff tainted it all, and if it were real life I'm not sure how you would all just move on from it like it never happened? Spencer seemed to be full on in love with Caleb and it was just weird, she was like a completely different person after the time jump and I couldn't stand her. I just think this was all so random to cause a bit of drama and just didn't work.

Caleb Changed  

This is sort of relevant to the point above, but needed it's own as I have so much to say! Caleb was definitely one of my favourite characters all the way through, especially at the start when him and Hanna first started talking and got together. I love how he always helped the girls out and would have done anything for Hanna, but then something seemed to change after he came back from Ravenswood. First of all, that was so bizarre that he just stayed there after the Halloween episode to help this random girl he'd only just met and then he seemed to come back such a different person. I know Ravenswood was a spin off series, and I've not watched that, but I have read a bit online and it seems like whatever happened there made him rethink his whole life, but I just don't think that show even needed to happen. As much as I love Caleb, taking him away to do a spinoff show is so random and I didn't like how they changed his character afterwards. I don't know, it's not like it was a drastic change and he was suddenly a bad person or anything, but he wasn't the character he was in the beginning and then obviously the whole Spaleb thing which happened later on, is just another random thing they did with his character. I really don't like the route they went down with him, and as I said above, even though him and Hanna ended up together in the end, after he came back from Ravenswood, I just didn't love his character as much as before and it sort of changed my view on him a bit.


For a long time I really didn't like Alison as I imagine most people didn't. In the earlier seasons she isn't a very nice person at all and it isn't until she is revealed to be alive and she explains what happened to her and her reasons for everything, that you start to feel a bit sorry for her. She's still not perfect at all and I definitely had a bit of a love/hate relationship with her character but towards the end she really grew on me. I love that her and Emily ended up together and I was so happy it finally properly happened. I think part of the reason I grew to like her character a bit more too was because of some of the stuff being said about her in the press. Quite a few people picked up towards the last few series that the actress Sasha Pieterse had gained weight, and there is nothing wrong with that at all, and I love that she stuck up for herself and told people to love themselves whatever they weigh. I think it's still thought of a lot that you have to be thin and pretty to be successful and on TV and that just isn't true. I think she looked better in the later seasons!

The 5 Year Jump 

What was the need for this? After the first half of series 6, we then end up 5 years later and all the girls are doing different things with their lives. I know the A story line couldn't really just keep going and going and they had to change things but the jump was just too big I think. Most of the girls and other characters had just completely changed, and even though I get as you get older you might drift apart from people and change a little, some just seemed so different it was unreal! As I've already mentioned I really didn't like Spencer after the time jump, I don't think before she'd have ever gone for one of her best friends ex boyfriends and generally she just didn't come across as a very nice person anymore. Also, I felt Emily had changed quite a lot, and I know it was supposedly because her dad had passed away (he was genuinely one of my faves) but again she just seemed like a different character, and also it really annoys me that basically any woman that comes into the show, you know is going to end up being a love interest for Emily! Just too predictable.

Aria & Ezra 

I feel like this is one a lot of people have something to say about. As much as I love Aria and Ezra together, and I am glad they did get married, I couldn't help but feel sometimes, it was just so wrong for them to be together. Does anyone else feel like that? It was all a bit suspect as they first got together when she was only 15, and we later find out he actually knew that she was that age, then they carried on even though he became her teacher, and then they still got back together after she found out he had basically used her as he was writing a book about Alisons case. I don't think Ezra was a bad man and I do think his character genuinely was in love with Aria but the problem for me is that is started out when she was still so young and he knew who she was and went after her and then kept it going. I really don't know how I feel about it all, on one hand I think he didn't mean for all of that to happen and he was trying to do everything with good intentions, but then on the other hand, I can't help but feel it was just so wrong for him to go after her knowing her age. Towards the end I actually really did like Aria and Jason together (Alisons brother), once it had been revealed they had been together for a little while during the time jump.

A & AD 

 I suppose the main talking point throughout most of the seasons was who is A? I quite liked the first reveal of Mona being A and I do think that made sense just from what had been shown of her past with the girls. I generally quite liked Mona all the way through and do think she was such a good character. The second reveal later on of A then being Charlotte was also pretty good I think and I love that they had come up with such an interesting back story for her. I had a feeling for a while that Charlotte might be A but could never have guessed that Charlotte was actually Charles, and that whole story, it was a little confusing at times but definitely made me feel a little sorry for her! I quite liked before she was revealed, the episodes which hinted Ezra might be A, that would have been an amazing storyline I think! Now onto AD. As I kind of watched it all at once I didn't have loads of time between each episode to come up with theories and properly think into it, so even though I'd seen bits online before about a twin theory, as I'd never watched it at the time I had no idea what was going on. There were definitely times I thought it might be a twin and the airport scene where 'Spencer' and Wren run into Ezra, basically confirmed it for me. I just knew it wasn't her and there was something weird going on. I did quite like that it turned out to be an evil twin, though I think they needed more build up to it, I feel the last episode in particular was a little bit rushed, and there were still things that needed explaining and tying together. I did love right at the end where we saw Mona in France, having Alex and Mary as her own dolls hidden away, I'm glad it wasn't just as simple as them going to prison or something like that.

Overall I did love Pretty Little Liars and I already feel like going back and watching it again! I was just hooked all the way though, even on the slower episodes, I knew anything could happen at any point, so I always kept going with it. I think if I'd been watching it each year like most people, they'd have been times when I'd have struggled to stick with it, because some seasons were a little slow. I just wanna mention though, the dollhouse episodes! I thought they were amazing, and they were actually a little bit mental to watch, I loved Mona coming back almost disguised as Alison after being convinced she had been killed off. I thought those episodes in particular were brilliant. And overall I'm glad they all did get a happy ending, I definitely have my favourites out of the girls and the rest of the cast but I do think it ended well.

If you've managed to watch it all, what did you think to the ending? Do you agree with any of the points I've mentioned? I really hope I'm not alone in being annoyed with certain things! I just felt I had to write this post!

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