Monday, 21 August 2017

The Eye Mask You Need In Your Life - Spacemasks Review*

If you've read my blog for a while, it's probably no secret that I struggle with my sleep and have battled with insomnia for a good few years now. I've tried so many different things to try and get me back into a normal sleeping pattern and some things have worked, and others haven't. I just seem to go through phases with my sleep, I can have a good few months of falling asleep around 11pm and actually getting up at a reasonable time, and then I'll have months where I don't sleep until gone 4am, if not later. Unfortunately the last month or so it's been a bad phase so when a Spacemask arrived recently, it couldn't have come at a more perfect time!
If you've not heard of Spacemasks before, than where have you been?! I've seen them loads on my social media recently, and everyone seems to be loving them, I can totally see why. If you haven't heard of them though, I'll start with a little bit of information about them. Spacemasks are basically a new creation of a sleepmask that allow you to take a small break from your hectic lifestyle, and also help you get a great nights sleep. Spacemasks are eye masks which are used to aid relaxation and they are perfect to just pop on when you need a break, or if you're someone like me who struggles with falling asleep at night, one of these is ideal.

The way a spacemask works is that as soon as you open the pack, the mask starts to heat up, so don't open this then put it down! Just place over your eyes and hook the loops over your ears so it stays in place. Straight away you feel the heat from the mask. As it heats up the oxygen molecules in the atmosphere cuddle up to the masks iron particles in a natural heat exchange. Within minutes this mask can relieve tiredness, eye strain and so many other things. At least 15 minutes is recommended use for this for some proper relaxation.
So what did I think? I loved it! After a pretty stressful month and not sleeping well at all, a good nights sleep was so needed and this really did do the trick. I placed it over my eyes just before going to sleep one night last week and it was just so relaxing to use. The warm heat over my eyes combined with the subtle scent of jasmine was just lovely and it really didn't take me long to drift off to sleep at all. It wasn't uncomfortable in any way and the loops were really stretchy so I couldn't really even feel them over my ears. The next morning I woke up feeling refreshed and ready for the day and even though the next night the heat wasn't there anymore, it was still really nice to wear again and it definitely contributed to another good nights sleep.

I haven't had anything like this for so long but now I've tried this, I definitely want to get more! I find I sleep so much better if I have something over my eyes and the heat of this was just really comforting and made me feel all cosy! I think this would be even better to use in winter just for that extra warmth and comfort on a cold night!

If like me you really need some help sleeping at night, or just want to take more time out to relax, then check out the Spacemasks website here and give one of these a go. I really recommend trying them out. They are available online in boxes of 5 for £15 and they are availble worldwide! Spacemasks really are for everyone. I'm sure most people feel they need a bit more relaxation in their life, and taking time for yourself is so important so I couldn't recommend these enough.

I'd love to know if you've ever tried anything like this before, or if you've given a spacemask a go what did you think?

*I was sent a spacemask for the purpose of this review. As always I only work with brands relevant to me and my blog

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