Saturday, 7 October 2017

My Favourite Lip Combo ft. Rimmel & Maybelline

I wish I could be one of those people that could apply a red lipstick and look insane but unfortunately I'm just not. I don't know why but really dark and bright colours just don't look right on me and I feel so out of my comfort zone if I even try it. That doesn't stop me trying other things though and now I have 2 lip products which I'm just addicted too, and they are both the perfect shades for me.
As I'm sure regular readers of my blog will know, Rimmel are one of my go to makeup brands now. I love their foundation, mascaras, nail polishes and now I'm even a big lover of their lipsticks, especially their Kate Moss collection. I'm also a big fan of Maybelline, their concealers are so good, but I really do like their lip liners too. Together, the two products in the photo are amazing and I love how they make me feel and look so I really wanted to blog about them.

When I use these together I like to start with the lip liner. I use the Colour Sensational Lip Liner in the shade Intense Pink and I put a little bit of this all over my lips. I don't literally just line my lips, I put it all over and then blend out with a lip brush. Despite the name it isn't actually that intense which is why I like it. It gives me a little bit of colour but not too much, and with the lipstick on top, it's just lovely. I picked up this lipstick from the Kate Moss range a while ago now on a whim, and it's the shade Nude 48. The reason I like this is because it's just the perfect nude and really subtle, I never feel with this that it doesn't look right and I find it goes with my skin tone and my usual makeup look really well. Aswell as looking good, it also feels good and I think that's pretty important. I do love the look matte lipsticks give but some are just so drying so that puts me off whereas with this lipstick, even though it's not matte anyway, it's so moisturising and just really smooth and creamy. It's easy to apply and combined with the lip liner it really is a 'your lips but better' colour. I feel so confident when I've used these and just wanted to recommend them if you're looking for some new products to try!

What's your go to lipstick? Do you have a favourite makeup brand?

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