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5 Hacks You'll Need To Avoid When Cleaning*

While the internet can be a great source of information, it can also be a dangerous place if you trust everything you read online. No doubt, you've seen plenty of articles with cleaning 'hacks' that promise to make your home spotless with little effort, in no time at all - of course you have, they're everywhere. 
Cleaning Hacks To Avoid
Unfortunately, though, many of these hacks you'll find online just don't cut it in the real world. Some of them simply don't work, others can cause more harm than good and some could even pose a serious health risk.

Here are five hacks you'll need to avoid when cleaning.

#1 Use coconut oil to get stains out of furniture

Last year, coconut oil kicked vinegar and baking soda off the top of the list of miracle cleaning products. It seems there's nothing this stuff can't do, which makes you wonder why nobody ever thought of using it to clean - let's say - your furniture before. That's because coconut oil is an oil-based product (clue's in the name) and oil stains fabrics - so don't buy into any hacks that tell you to use coconut oil as a fabric stain remover. 

#2 Use toothpaste to remove scratches in glass

Who'd have thought you could remove scratches from glass by simply cleaning it with toothpaste? Well, you can't - let's make that clear. In fact, toothpaste is more likely to remove important finishes or make scratches even worse. So forget about cleaning up that scratched iPhone screen with a tube of Colgate; it's not going to happen.

#3 Flush out vacuum blockages with a hose

Sorry, but your typical garden hose or sink tap is never going to generate the kind of water pressure you need to flush out a stubborn blockage. Besides that, adding water into the mix will only turn your dirty blockage into mud and even if you manage to dislodge the blockage, you'll have to thoroughly dry out your vacuum hose to stop it from smelling. Just stick to the trusted method of carefully unclogging blockages with pliers, a plumbing snake or by pushing it through with a broom handle, depending on where the blockage is situated.

#4 Mixing vinegar and bleach

Don't pay attention to hacks that tell you to mix bleach with vinegar to create some kind of super cleaning agent. It doesn't. What it does create is toxic chlorine gas that you really don't want to breathe in. While we're on the topic, be very careful when it comes to mixing any cleaning products; these are chemical solutions and chemistry can be a real bitch when you get it wrong.

#5 Clean your carpets with vinegar

One of the internet's favourite cleaning hacks is using bleach to clean carpets but it won't do anything to remove dirt or stains. Yes, it does act as a natural disinfectant and the smell disappears as it dries but your carpet won't look any cleaner than it did before you started without a good scrub and something soapy to break up dirt.

There's nothing wrong with pursuing green approaches to cleaning your home and substances like vinegar and baking soda can do amazing things in certain scenarios. They can't fix everything, though, and there are a lot of false claims made on the internet. Above all, make sure you don't mix chemicals without knowing exactly what you're doing. Besides that, take care with any hacks you use to make sure you're not going to make problems worse with certain items or surfaces - what works for one thing doesn't necessarily for someone else.

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