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How To Make The Most Of Worldly Cuisines On Your Travels*

Perhaps unsurprisingly, food is often one of the main parts of any travel experience. Providing social opportunities as well as being a pivotal part of many different cultures, you'll learn a lot through the different cuisines you encounter - and here's how to make the most of them.
Worldly Cuisines
Test how strong your stomach is
It's no secret that some foods in tourism hotspots can be hard to stomach for outsiders. From the Philippines' balut, the renowned fertilised duck egg described by the Secret Traveller as being cooked with chilli, garlic and vinegar, to Cambodia's fried tarantulas, it's safe to say that some cuisines will have you pushing your limits to new heights. Travelling is all about opening yourself up to new experiences and seeing just how far you can go, and different cuisines present different opportunities to try something new. Whether that be goat's heads, guinea pigs or the aforementioned fertilised duck egg, it'll likely be the only time you get to try such peculiar dishes.

Embrace the cultural traditions
For many places around the world, food is an integral part of the culture. Countries such as India and Thailand, where the respective Delhi and Bangkok rely on an abundance of street food, put a lot of significance on their signature dishes. To get involved in the culture of your destination, look to the food. See if there are any cooking classes you can partake in, or simply visit some dining establishments of cultural significance in your location - there's usually plenty of them. Dine how the locals dine to get an appreciation for the rest of their culture as a result.

Don't throw yourself in at the deep end
Make sure you're not immediately chowing down on the spiciest, most challenging dishes your destination can offer upon arrival. The dreaded 'Delhi Belly' is quite real, and you'll figure out the hard way if you're gorging on massive helpings of the hottest foods of them all. By diving into the most challenging of dishes at the beginning of your travels, you're risking making yourself ill for the rest of the trip - it simply isn't worth it. Be sensible with your choices and work your way up to the hotter and more daring dishes. You've got plenty of time.

Use eating as a way to socialise
Sitting down for a bite to eat is the perfect time to unwind and socialise, whether it be with those you're travelling with or with new-found friends on your journey. Converse, laugh and drink over a good meal and you could end up making lifelong memories - especially if the dishes are tasty. People almost always use food as a way to socialise, so kill two birds with one stone and do so in a renowned restaurant. Good food and good company will make for an enjoyable lunch or dinnertime, so choose wisely.

Note the recipes to bring home with you
It's one of the best ways to beat the post-holiday blues - recreate the best dishes from your destination at home. Be sure to pick up a few recipes along the way, noting how to make the best things you tried on your travels, and then cook it up yourself when you're back. Memories are often made when food is involved, and getting another taste of your favourite dish from a trip just gone could be the thing that alleviates the longing to go back. Who knows - it could even be the thing that spurs you to visit again.

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