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The Perfect Movie Night In*

I personally think there isn't much better than a cosy night in, with good food, good company and good films. George and I regularly have movie nights at the weekend, we stock up on a load of snacks and get through several films, and it's the perfect way to spend the night. As we like to have a movie night in so often, I wanted to write about the things that make it for us!
The Perfect Movie Night In

Pamper Evening

To start with, I love a little pamper hour and taking some time for a bit of self care. As much as it's nice to spend all of your time together, sometimes you definitely need a bit of time to do your own thing so I like to have a relaxing bath, with some of my favourite things, while George does his own thing (usually fifa 😂). I'll fill the tub with bubble bath, maybe a bath bomb and I'll set myself out a few bits on my new bath board - totally can't get enough of it. I usually get myself a glass of wine, a good book and I'll do a facemask. Afterwards I tend to re-do my nails and get some fresh PJ's on so I feel refreshed and comfortable.
The Perfect Movie Night In*

ALL of the snacks

Is it a movie night unless you have a ridiculous amount of food? I don't think so. We probably go overboard when it comes to snacks but I'm not going to feel guilty for it. We tend to go for a range of things, anything baked, ice cream, popcorn, sweets, etc and on our latest movie night we had a bit of a variety. We both love our ice cream so we loved having the chance to try some from Oppo on this particular occassion. Oppo is a brand of ice cream that depite still being a decadent and luxurious treat, is made with natural ingredients that have replaced any nasty bits you may find included with other brands. Oppo believe you don't need to compromise when it comes to watching what you eat, everyone deserves a little bit of what they fancy and with their ice cream you can do that and have absolutely no guilt about it. Sounds too good to be true doesn't it? but it isn't. There are four flavours available - salted caramel, madagascan vanilla, mint choc swirl and colombian chocolate and hazelnut. We picked up the mint choc swirl flavour and it was divine! It had such a strong minty taste which I loved but the chocolate swirl that runs throughout is a bonus. The smooth chocolate compliments the mint really well and it's just the best combination! At only 39 calories a scoop, you really couldn't tell it was a healthier ice cream than other brands, it tasted just as indulgent and we couldn't get enough of it. We thoroughly enjoyed having this as part of our movie night and will definitely be picking more up in future. If you want to try some for yourself, you can find it in a range of supermarkets including Asda, Waitrose and Sainsburys for around £4 a tub.
Oppo Ice Cream
Oppo Ice Cream

Getting Cosy & Picking Films

I love to turn all of the lights off, light a load of candles and get snug with blankets. We have a few different blankets we like to wrap up in but if it's really cold, you can't beat bringing the duvet in the living room! I've been burning a few different candles recently in the living room, those being Wedding Day by Yankee Candle, my Gemporia Birth Stone and also the cutest tea light holders that I featured in a homeware haul not too long ago. They all light the room beautifully! Obviously the main part of a movie night is the film itself and we tend to spend quite a lot of time trying to choose! We love a variety of films so we watch all sorts. Most recently we watched the latest Jumanji film which was really good, also I, Tonya which was brilliant and a must see, and finally Baywatch because The Rock is just great in any film he does and I also pretty much love anything with Zac Efron in at the moment. We usually end up getting through a few films though and really making the most of the evening.

Movie nights have been a favourite thing of ours for so long, it was something we used to do when we first got together years ago and had weekends in which we longed for so much and now it's a nice way to reconnect and spend some time together at the weekend away from all of the usual stresses of work and life! They're something I always look forward to.

Do you love a movie night? What are some essentials for you?

*Oppo Ice Cream provided for the purpose of this post.

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