Friday 26 January 2018

A Little Homeware and Blog Props Haul

I posted a homeware wishlist last week on my blog and luckily I managed to pick a few bits up that I featured! Usually when I post a wishlist, I have every intention of getting a few bits and then never do but this time there were some things I just couldn't leave. I never really do hauls on my blog as I just don't buy too much worthy of mentioning but I love each and every single thing I got so I wanted to share them with you!

London Sketch Duvet £12 - As soon as I spotted this bedding set I knew it had to be mine. It was only £12 for a double which I think is a bit of a bargain as bedding tends to be quite pricey. We tend to rotate the same few bedding sets and as it had been quite a while since we last bought a new one, I saw this at the perfect time. I love that it has London landmarks on it but in a subtle way. I love anything to do with London but I didn't want something that was really obvious and out there. This goes well with the bedroom and I think it will be so nice and cosy. There is nothing better than fresh warm bedding is there?
asda homeware
Bear Tealight Holders £6 - This was something else that I just couldn't leave in my basket. £6 for two tealight holders really isn't a bad price and as soon as I saw them, I knew they would go so well in the living room. As there were two I thought they could go either side of the TV stand as that's a chocolate brown colour too and really can you ever have enough candle holders? In winter especially, I love lighting a load of candles and I currently have about a million tealights to get through, so it kind of made sense to get these 😉
asda homeware
Heart Chopping Board £5 - The last thing I picked up which was on my wishlist is the Heart Chopping Board. I'd been after one of these for so long as a blog prop but I'd never found one that was exactly what I wanted until I saw this. It was £5 and is really good quality so will definitely be used for it's proper use in future. I love the little 'handmade with love' quote on it and I just think this will be such a great prop for any foodie collaborations or baking posts in future.
asda homeware
asda homeware
A Few Blog Props - I just wanted to mention quickly a few blog props I ordered around the same time as these as I think they were such good finds. I ordered some fake peony flowers ages ago from Ebay for about £4 and I'm sure you've seen them in a lot of my blog photos, so I decided to order some more to change things up a little bit. I went for more peonies but this time in a different colour and I can't wait for them to arrive. I'll leave a link here to them if you also want to order some. Ebay are great for fake flowers like this. When doing a food shop online at Asda recently I also picked up a few miscellaneous bits which I thought would be great for photos. Just a £1 roll of pink wrapping paper which could be used as a background, and also these dried rose petals which were about £1.50 I think. They're supposed to be used as a garnish for meals but I think they look lovely in photos and are great to just scatter when you want to add something but you aren't sure what. You can see the flowers, wrapping paper and rose petals in this photo here with a new snowglobe I bought recently. I suppose that should be mentioned anyway in this post as I only got it recently from Card Factory and it looks lovely in our living room!
the card factory
I'm always looking for new bits for the flat but very rarely buy them so it was nice to treat myself. I didn't want to get things for the sake of it but these bits all really were needed and look exactly how I hoped. 

Are you a fan of homeware shopping like me?


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