Monday 22 January 2018

Valentines Gifting With Printiki*

Finding unique and special gifts for Valentines Day can be tricky sometimes. Most shops selling the usual chocolates, wine and teddy bears, it can be hard to find something a little bit different that your partner will love. Well now with the help of Printiki, you don't have to worry anymore. Printiki are an online printing service so you can get a whole range of photos printed in a variety of formats and you can just about create anything with them!
I had the chance to try out the service so I went for 30 square prints. With the square prints you have the option of adding borders, or you can go for the polaroid version which leaves space for you to add text. Aswell as square prints you can also go for rectangle photographs, specific photo wall templates, photo books and posters. So much choice meaning you are bound to find something special for your other half. What I loved about ordering my prints was just how easy it was. You can print directly from your Instagram account, Facebook account, Dropbox account or your computer and it's literally no fuss at all. Just click which photos you would like and then it's pretty much done! Once my prints arrived, I laid them out on a table to see how I would like to position them on the wall and work out some sort of order for them. Doing this meant I could really picture how I wanted it before just going straight in and sticking them up.
As I had Valentines in mind when ordering these prints I went for a variety of pictures of special times George and I have had. There is the first picture I took when we got engaged, several from our trips to London, our time living in Leicester, date nights, our first west end show, and much more. I just picked the ones I thought were quite memorable. The living room is one room in our flat that I feel is now finally done, and really had been for quite a while. It's where we spend most of our time so when we moved in, that was the one we knew we wanted to get sorted first and make homely. After adding new furniture, prints and photos to the wall, we were left with one big wall with nothing on it, and it wasn't until I ordered these that I realised what I wanted to do with it. I'd never been able to work out before what would look right there but when these prints arrived, I put them up and they looked amazing! I'd done something similar to this in the bedroom but had never really thought of it for the living room too but these are just the perfect fit and I love how different it is to everything else we have up on the walls. Putting them on the wall was very simple, I just used a little bit of blu tack in the centre of each photo and that stuck them on fine. I tried to position them the same length apart and as I had 30 photos I managed to get 6 rows out of them. It really does fill the wall and I can't stop looking at it!
I am so impressed with Printiki, after having such a bare wall for a long time, these were such a perfect thing to receive, it really has completed the room. As I've already said there are such a range of prints available on their website and one idea I love in particular is their Heart Photo Wall. For this you just order 53 prints and it comes with a heart template making the process so easy for you. I'd love to create something like in one of the other rooms. I think this is such a lovely idea for Valentines as you could surprise your partner while they're out, and it's just so different to many other gifts.
If you would like to order some prints for yourself, check out the website here, and you can also get free shipping with my code - 7STEZV67. I highly recommend it!

Also if you would like some more inspiration, have a look on their Instagram for many wonderful ideas!

Have you ever tried anything from Printiki before?

*Prints sent for the purpose of this post. I only work with brands relevant to me and my blog

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