Wednesday 24 January 2018

Things I'm Looking Forward To In 2018

2017 was not what I planned. I'm pretty sure I said that about 2016 too but the last few years have just been a bit rocky! Though there have been some good things happen and it wasn't all bad, I am definitely looking forward to a fresh start this year with hopefully many exciting things happening. I thought I'd get some of the things I'm looking forward to written down and I'd love to know how you're hoping 2018 will shape up for you!
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Weekend Breaks

We were lucky enough to go away on quite a few weekend breaks in 2017, mostly to London. We went three times in 2017 which is so much more than I ever expected and altogether we've been 6 times now which is insane but I'm definitely hoping to go back again at least once in 2018. I will honestly never get bored of it and everytime it feels fresh and new. It really is like home to me so a weekend there is just the best. We didn't get chance to go to Manchester last year for our usual Christmas trip so I would love to go again in 2018. It was our little tradition and it's always so amazing at Christmas so that would be lovely to go back. We had a little shopping trip to Leeds a few months ago and I would love to do something like that again. It was so nice to go somewhere else for the day and it really is something we need to do more of this year. One other place I'd really like to go in 2018 is York. We found a hotel months ago that we want to stay in so as soon as it's possible we're going to book it and I'm hoping that will be our first weekend break of the year, it looks so beautiful.

A Holiday

I desperately need a proper holiday! Either a week by the pool or some sort of city break abroad, it's just a must for 2018. We haven't been abroad in almost 7 years of being together so a proper holiday away would be incredible. We keep going back and forth over where to go, part of me just wants a relaxing beach holiday where I can just sit by the pool all week and have unlimited ice cream, the other part of me wants to go exploring somewhere like Rome or Venice. In fact there are far more places I'd love to go on a little city break but there are just too many to list. We have some serious thinking to do but this year has to be the year for holidays, it's been far too long.

Finding A Part Time Job

I ideally wanted to get back into work in 2017 after leaving my last job, I even mentioned in one of my goals posts for last year that I had given myself until March before I had to start looking for something, and unfortunately that didn't go to plan. Not for want of trying though. I'd not been well on and off throughout the year, being a girl is hard sometimes, and it's meant everything has been up and down. I've not felt mentally or physically okay enough to go back into work and luckily I've had the support from George to just be able to take this time to get better. I feel I'm finally on a good path now and my anxiety is slowly getting better so I would love this year to be the one where I go back into work. I think part time will be perfect for me as it means I can still work on my blog and will give me plenty of freedom with hopefully going back to university too. I actually found a job a few days ago which I think I'd be perfect for which I can't get out of my head, so hopefully it won't be too long before I tick this one off my list.

Working On My Blog More

Following on from my last point, I can't wait to work on my blog more this year. I am so incredibly proud of how it's grown recently, how many posts I've produced and also the brands I've worked with. It was very difficult at times and there was a few missed days but overall I posted the majority of last year and I like to think I posted some good content. I've said it before but my blog really is the best thing I ever did and I'll be forever grateful for it. I'm not sure yet whether I'll stick with 5 posts a week this year, all year, but I'll definitely still be blogging and hopefully it will only get better and bigger as the years go on.

So that's just about everything I can think of for 2018! I know things don't always go to plan so who knows what I'll actually achieve out of this year but after 2017 being such a tough year, surely next year has to be better?!

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What are you looking forward to in 2018?


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