Friday 19 January 2018

My Current Homeware Wishlist - I Want It All

Over the last few weeks I've been in such a spending mood which really isn't good because my bank balance can not cope with that. I'm just seeing so many lovely bits everywhere. At the moment my real focus for the flat is the spare room which as I've mentioned recently is now finally becoming an office. Yes, after talking about it on my blog for years, we are finally getting somewhere. I'm writing the majority of my blog posts in there now which is making me so much more productive. The main priority now is getting the desk from Ikea which I've been lusting over for ages, but obviously I keep seeing lots of decorative pieces which I think would go so well with it. The main place I've been looking is actually Asda, their homeware section is on point at the moment, so I thought I might as well share the stuff I'm hoping to order very soon.
The first few bits I saw aren't for the office but I feel like I kind of need them anyway. First of all this Sketch London Duvet is right up my street and for only £12 for a double, I think it's a bit of a bargain! It's been ages since I last bought a new bedding set so I think this might be the one I go for. I love that it is London all over but is very subtle and not too out there. A few bits for the bathroom I really like are the Wire Wash Sign and the Wire Basket. I think once the spare room is finished we need to move onto the bathroom, just painting the walls would make a huge difference and little bits like this would really complete it I think. I currently have a little box from Lush which I use for my bath bombs but I'd really like a basket like this one and the sign matches it so well and I think it would look really nice on top of the bathroom cabinet. Something for the kitchen I'd like is this Heart Chopping Board, though I think it would make a great blog prop! Blog props don't need to be expensive, and I've been after something like this for a while, this is £5 and would really change my photos up I think. I'd love this for my foodie blog photos and I have a collaboration coming up soon which I think this would fit really well with. Something for the living room which is just perfect is these Bear Tealight Holders! £6 for two isn't too bad I don't think and I already know that they could go on either side of our TV stand. 
A few other bits I saw which I'd love to go on the top of my desk are two bear ornaments, I have a problem I know. I just like little quirky things like this and I've got to have something bear in my office haven't I? I wasn't originally looking for a mirror for the office but then I spotted this Hexaganol one and I thought it would be perfect for one of the back walls. I currently just have a calendar up where I think this could go, but I think it would look really classy and add something extra to the mainly white room. Something I'd like because it would look pretty on my desk but also make a good blog prop is this vase with peonies in. I love using fake flowers as a blog prop but I definitely need some different ones so this would be perfect.
Another thing I think would be great for blog photos, especially for any beauty products is this Copper Leaf Plate. It looks huge but I don't currently have anything else like it and it matches well with the rest of my props. The last bits for the office that I love are this Shelving Unit and the Bronze Lampshade. The shelving unit would be perfect to go next to my desk and I'd love to fill it with photo frames, flowers and things like that, and the lampshade is a bit of a necessity. I'd like a really nice one and this is £12 which I think is quite reasonable. A few extras which definitely aren't a must are this Peach and Honey Reed Diffuser because I just love having these around the flat, and this scent sounds like an absolute dream! and the Grey Camera Ornament would be something I could put on the shelving unit, and for a blogger, I think it's an ideal fit!
When I added all of these to my basket a few days ago, as you can imagine, it cost a bomb so we definitely won't be getting them all, but I'd definitely love to pick up a few bits. Now we've properly started with the office, I just want it finished and all of these bits would just go so well. I think my current priority is the mirror, bedding set, chopping board, tealights and flowers so if I manage to get any I'm sure you'll see them in a blog post soon.

Is any homeware currently on your wishlist?


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