Tuesday 9 January 2018

My 23rd Birthday

Birthdays are a bit of an odd thing for me and have been for a few years now. I know most people get so excited about their birthday but I kind of always dread it, especially as it's just after Christmas and I'm always a little bit sad that my favourite time of year is over. Last year I was really down about it and got myself in such a state but this year I like to think I dealt with it much better. Even though I was a bit stressed beforehand, on the day I felt much better than last year and generally so much more positive than I've felt in the past. I ended up having a really nice weekend and even though it was quite chilled and simple, it was just 'me' and really lovely.

My birthday was on Sunday (7th) but we kind of celebrated it on the Saturday instead and made a weekend of it. We went to Pizza Hut for a meal, which is actually exactly what we did last year too, and all of the food was so tasty. I just love Pizza and could eat it pretty much all the time so it was definitely a good choice, and also does anyone else love the salad bar as much as me? I genuinely get really excited about salad bars 🙊 Despite being full from Pizza we opted for Dessert too because who can turn it down? George and I shared the chocolate waffle which was so much better than I expected it to be, the chocolate ice cream and sauce were gorgeous and I could totally eat it all again right now. That night was spent watching horror films, eating yet more food and then on Sunday we just relaxed really.
pizza hut
pizza hut
I opened my cards and birthday presents, and George had totally spoilt me again with very thoughtful gifts. I unwrapped bath bombs from Bomb Cosmetics, including one called Candy Cane Lane which is like the ultimate for me as I love anything minty, and also the Bear Necessities one which is is just adorable. I also got a mini Ghost Eclipse perfume which is beautiful. I love the Ghost perfume bottles, and as this is a mini it means I get to try it out and see if I like it before buying a bigger bottle, luckily I love it! It's the most gorgeous bottle and it reminds me of sunsets, I already don't want it to run out. He also got me the Hunger Games DVD Boxset which I can't wait to watch. I never thought I'd be a fan of the films so I put them off for a long time but after watching them all a while ago, I realised I'd been missing out so I'm so happy to have them all ready to put on whenever now. They're like the Harry Potter films for me, I can just rewatch them and not get bored.
ghost perfume
I also got a few foodie bits which I can't wait to tuck into and the most special present out all, a Paddington print! I mentioned a wedding print the lovely Zoe did for us in a recent blog post, little did I know after that George got in touch as he had an idea for a birthday present and she created this beautiful Paddington Print. I don't need to go on about Paddington, it's one of my favourite films and I just love bears, and I also have a huge love for London so this print is so, so special. I've always wanted some sort of print like this because as I said I just love him, but I could never have expected to open this. It's just perfect, and I've already framed it. It's in the office/spare room on the windowsill so now when I go and blog in there, it's right next to me. Thank you so much Zoe for creating another amazing print! (Link to her Etsy store, you should definitely have a look!)
After a chilled day eating birthday cake (I got 2 this year, a chocolate one and my bakerdays one which I'll have a review up of tomorrow, so lucky!) and watching films, we ended it with a chinese takeaway and Celebrity Big Brother which was perfect.

To say I don't usually look forward to my birthday, it really was a nice weekend and definitely one I'll remember. I'm hoping each year it will get a bit easier every time and next year I won't be as stressed about it beforehand. 


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