Friday 29 December 2017

December Favourites - Christmas, Weddings & Presents

The end of December already! How has this happened?! This year has flown by but I'm definitely not sad to see the back of it. For my last monthly favourites of the year, there is a mix of tv (as always) food, wedding stuff and of course christmas.
Getting Married - I couldn't do my last favourites post of the year and not mention getting married. I'm going to try not to go on about it too much because I'm sure you'll all get sick of it but I'm still in that little wedding bubble right now and I just want to shout about it! I did a little post all about it which you can find here but it was very simple and no fuss. I couldn't think of anything worse than walking down an aisle, with people looking at me and having to speak in front of them, so the way we did it was perfect. The day was a bit of a blur really and over so fast but I know we'll always remember it and be so happy with how it went. I can't believe it finally happened! And I absolutely love my wedding ring, I can't stop looking at it.
Christmas - Christmas seemed to come around so fast this year! Some days I felt really prepared and like we had it all sorted, and others it seemed like there was still so much left to buy and wrap but it when Christmas day arrived, it was so lovely. Like most things for us, it was really chilled out but again, exactly what we wanted. I made Christmas Dinner which pretty good if I do say so myself, we watched films, opened presents, drank Bucks Fizz, and it really was amazing. I'm so sad it's over already! We went all out this year with decorations around the flat and all the festive food, I loved waking up each day and seeing it all. It's just the best time of year.
Yankee Candle - I really wasn't expecting for us to get any wedding presents but just a few days after we told people, this beautiful candle arrived and I'm a little bit in love with it. First of all it's absolutely huge! I've never bought a Yankee Candle this big before so it's going to last ages and it's such a beautiful scent. With it being the Wedding Day scent, I think it's always going to be a bit special for us now and I'm sure it's one we'll buy in future when this eventually runs out. It arrived in perfect time as my big marks and spencers candle had just run out in the living room!
Wedding Prints - Something that took me totally by surprise last week was this beautiful print from one of my blogger friends Zoe. She was one of the first to congratulate us on our wedding and then a few days later this print arrived that she had made for us. It's a drawing of the picture at the start of this post which I took, our wedding rings on a bauble on the tree, and hasn't she done an amazing job?! I was in shock when I opened this as it was so unexpected and just such a lovely act of kindness. It really did make our day. I'm going to have to order some prints from Zoe's Etsy store next year as she has so many wonderful ones and you can tell so much time, effort and care goes into each one. I just need to find a frame for this one so it can be put somewhere special in the living room, on show. Zoe you are so, so talented, thank you so much.
Max Factor Lipstick - I am a little obsessed with this lipstick! I picked it up from Chemist4U recently, you can find my haul here, and now I don't want to stop wearing it! I don't wear lipstick often as I just find most colours are too out there and don't look right on me but everything about this is gorgeous. It's from Max Factor and it's the shade Burnt Caramel, it's a pretty, subtle nudey pink colour and really does look so nice on. I feel like it's just 'me' and I already know I'll have to pick it up again in future. It was the lipstick I wore on our wedding day and I love how it looks in the photos we took.
Love, Lies & Records - There have been so many good dramas on TV this year but one that I absolutely loved and is definitely a contender for my favourite of the year is Love, Lies and Records. It starred Ashley Jensen as Kate who is a registrar trying to deal with being blackmailed at work, a colleague she's in love with, and a family at home that are a bit all over the place. There were several things going on in each episode and each was full of drama, but they were all so good. I was hooked after the first episode and the wait each week for the next episode was awful, I just wanted to watch them all in one go. I so wanted her and her colleague Rick to be together, but I won't spoil it for you if you haven't seen it, obviously nothing is a straightforward as it should be though. I highly recommend giving this a watch if you didn't see it when it was on, it's one of the best shows I've seen I think!
Trolls Holiday - Trolls is one of my all time favourite films, there is just something about it that makes my heart so happy, so when they announced they were doing a mini christmas special I couldn't wait for it! We watched this a few weeks ago now and it was just lovely. Obviously as it was only about 25 minutes long, it wasn't as great as the original film but still so funny and I loved what they did with the story. I love the characters so much and I can't wait the second film in a few years time, it's just one of those films I can go back and watch over and over.
So that's my favourites for 2017 done! I didn't think I'd be able to keep up with a favourites post each month as I just don't try that many new things but I've managed it and I'm sure I'll carry on next year.

Did you see any of the shows I mentioned in the post? How was your December?

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