Saturday 16 December 2017

The Horror Films You Need To Watch

I know for the huge amount of people who love a good horror film, there are so many that couldn't think of anything worse, so if you're someone who doesn't like them, this post probably isn't for you! I personally love them, I don't know if it's the suspense of them that gets me, never knowing what's going to happen next, or if it's genuinely just that stories are quite interesting, I just love them and have some real favourites now after watching loads and loads over the last few years. I've never actually done a post like this before for horrors which is odd but I just thought I'd write about a few of the ones I like to re-watch and I'd love to know if you like them too.
1. The Conjuring - I think all of the films in the conjuring series so far are brilliant. The conjuring series has the original conjuring which is about demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren helping a family who are experiencing disturbing events at their home in the 1970s. So many creepy things happen throughout and some parts kind of genuinely terrify me. Because the first film was so good I really hoped the second one would be, but I actually think I prefer it. In the second film, the Warrens are back but this time they're in London and the whole film is based on true events, the Enfield Poltergeist case. I think because the second film is about something that a lot of people know about and is so close to home, it almost made it scarier. It was strange to watch something, that people claim happened in real life. Also in the conjuring series is Annabelle and Annabelle Creation, both based on the doll we see in the first conjuring film. I'm so glad they made these films as I thought the story for both was so interesting. There are supposed to be a few more films coming out yet in the series so I can't wait for those.

2. The Purge - I'm not sure if you can technically count The Purge series as horror and it's not really that they're scary but I did feel they were worth a mention in this post. I think the reason I find these three films so creepy is because it does genuinely feel like something like it could happen one day, and that's pretty terrifying. If you've not seen any of them before, the three purge films are all based on this one day a year in America where for 12 hours absolutely anything is legal. Any crime you commit in those 12 hours, is basically fine. The first film is based around one family who try to completely protect themselves from it all until several people manage to get into their house and it's then all about who manages to survive. The second one was a little bit different in that it was more about people who still out once the purge had started and if/how they manage to get to safety. There is a part in this film that always makes my heart race and it's quite near the beginning, a couple are on their way home but their car breaks down, the siren goes off to signal the start of the purge and you can see these people looking at them ready to chase them with weapons and they have no choice but to just run to safety. Every single time it terrifies me as I can't imagine what you would do in that situation! The third film is based on an election set in 2040. A woman running for president witnessed her whole family get killed when she was young in a previous purge so she's campaigning to end it all. There is obviously more to the story and it's not as straight forward as that but it was just as good as the previous two. Highly recommend all three of these if you haven't seen them.

3. Paranormal Activity - I think the paranormal activity films are a bit of a classic now aren't they? I remember going to see the first few in the cinema and full on screaming at one point which always makes me cringe when I think back to it but they are so jumpy! These are all sort of supernatural horror films and the first one is centered around young couple Katie and Micah who are haunted by a presence in their home. The second one then ties in with that and we see the presence now haunting Katie's sister and as the films go on we find out more and more about why they are the ones that have been picked and how it all started. I think there are 4 or 5 films in total and then a few spinoffs but the main ones are all linked and it's actually really interesting to see how it's all connected. They're probably not the best horrors ever and I think at times they do go on a bit before anything happens but are still worth watching, and definitely a little creepy! They always freak me out a bit.

4. Scream - A bit of a different horror series now and probably not that scary but a cult classic. The scream films have been out for years and years now, and there is 4 in total, and all pretty good I think! I remember years ago when I first used to stay over at Georges for the weekend we got through all the films or the majority of them and now whenever I see they're on TV, I like to watch them. The films are all about a girl called Sidney Prescott and her battle against a succession of murderers who adopt the disguise of Ghostface to stalk and torment their victims. She is supported in the films by TV reporter Gale Weathers, played by Courteney Cox and it's so strange to see her in something other than Friends! There's a reason these films are so popular and did so well, they might not necessarily be that scary but they are jumpy at times and keep you wondering who the murderers are and who's going to be next. If you've not given these a watch yet, definitely do, they are just classic horror films.

I've watched so many different horrors recently and loads of new ones but I felt like these were all ones worth mentioning, even if I haven't described them all very well! They are all quite popular anyway so most people might have seen these but a lot of horrors that come out now tend to be more funny than scary, whereas some of these are just brilliant and you can see why they all do so well. I'd love to know if you've seen any of these? Are you a fan of horror films?

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