Friday 8 December 2017

Birthday Wishlist 2018

I might have only put my Christmas Wishlist up a few weeks ago but it's actually my birthday at the start of January so I really wanted to do one for that too. I've got so many other posts planned for the final few weeks of 2017 so this had to go up a bit early. As I said in my previous wislist, I really don't expect much at all, I just love spending time with people and to be honest I'm not usually that much of a fan of my birthday. I'm feeling a bit more positive than last year though and I'm hoping it's going to be a good day!
I've found a few things online which I would absolutely love from places like Paperchase, New Look, Home Bargains and more so keep reading if you want to know what's on my wishlist.
My Mindful Mind Journal - I saw this book while I was in Covent Garden a few weeks ago and instantly thought it was something I need to have! It's a little journal that is all about embracing mindfulness and encouraging you to live in the moment, through various different prompts. There are sections for you to write about things you love about yourself, choosing a song and really listening to the lyrics and so many other sections. I just think it would be so interesting to go through and would make me have a bit of time out each day!

Black Boots - I recently bought a pair of black jeans which I haven't had for such a long time and now I'm desperate for some black boots to go with them for winter. I have a few other pairs of boots and shoes that go with my other jeans but I just don't think they go with the black and I'm a little bit fussy sometimes! I've found a few pairs recently that I like for quite good prices including these Suedette Slouch ones and these Western ones.

Red Tartan Scarf - Sticking with the winter theme, I'd love another chunky scarf. It's so cold at the moment and whenever I go out I like to be wrapped up well so a scarf is a must. I have a few already but one I don't have is a proper red tartan scarf and I just think they look so nice on. I'd love one a bit similar to this one from Asos but I know places like Primark do them for much cheaper.

Letter Board From Home Bargains - I've seen these letterboards all over for months and months now but I've always thought they are just too expensive and wouldn't be worth it. That was until I knew Home Bargains had brought one out for only £5.99! They look pretty big aswell and you can choose either copper or silver, and I would just love one of these for the spare room. I think it would make a pretty good blog prop too!

Susannah Constantine After The Snow Book - I'm really trying to get back into reading at the moment as I used to absolutely love it. I don't spend as much time now getting lost in a book as like most people, I'm just always on my phone, but whenever I do, I enjoy it so much. One book I'd really like to read is called After The Snow by Susannah Constantine. I saw an interview with her recently on Loose Women and she was explaining the story and I just felt like it was a book I had to get. I'm not sure why, it's just one I think would be so interesting and a really different one to what I have at the moment.

Paddington 2 DVD - I'm not sure if this will be out on DVD by the time my birthday comes around as it only came out in cinemas at the start of November but if it is, I would love it. I'm such a big fan of the films and the first one I put on quite a lot because it makes me so happy, so I'd love the second one too. I think it's one I could watch over and over, and it's just as good as the first!

Address Book - This might seem like a bit of a random thing to want but we desperately need an address book! Every year we have the same dilemma where we're not sure where we've written everyones addresses down so when it comes to Christmas cards and Birthday cards, it can be a bit of a struggle! I've literally just written them all down again in a specific notebook so hopefully we'll remember next time but a proper little address book would just be a bit of a life saver! I really like this one from Paperchase but to be honest any cheap one would do, an address book is just that isn't it?

Pop Tarts - Another one that might seem a bit random but it's kind of a tradition that every year either at Christmas or for our birthdays, me and George will get each other Pop Tarts. I've no idea why or how this started but we both love them and there are so many different flavours available now, that there is always a new one to try! To be honest I love the plain strawberry ones and chocolates ones a lot but they do have some amazing american ones now too which I'm never going to turn down!

Toblerone Fruit and Nut - I am a Toblerone fiend. I love it so much! I love it all year round but especially at Christmas. The milk and the dark ones are my favourite but I saw recently, in WHSmith I think, that they now have a fruit and nut one. I love Cadbury Fruit and Nut so I know I would love this. It's like two of my favourite things put together. I would love love love to try this.

Wicked Mug - I really don't need more mugs, it's actually becoming a bit of a problem but one I would really, really love to unwrap would be this Wicked one. When we went in January to see the show for the second time, I kept looking at these mugs but decided I didn't need it. That was until the end of the show and I thought no I have to have it, got to the counter and they had completely sold out. I so wish I'd just got one at the start now! They sell them on the official Wicked website so I would love to have it one day, even if not quite for my birthday as I do have a cupboard full already.

So, that's just about everything I could think of this year. After a pretty difficult year I'm just looking forward to 2018 and a good birthday, full of cake probably!

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