Tuesday 16 January 2018

My Tips For Improving Your DA

If you're a blogger then it's very likely you've heard of DA, whether you properly understand it or not is another matter. It wasn't really until 2017 that I really started to take my blog seriously and read up on it and what it meant for my blog. In that time I've managed to up my DA to 27 which I'm pretty proud of given that in summer 2016 it was only 3. I'm not an expert by any means and I've read lots of other fabulous posts on DA which I'll leave a link to at the end of this post but I thought I would share a few of my tips and explain how I did it.
improving DAFirst of all if you're reading this thinking, what the hell is she on about, your DA is your Domain Authority. This is a score that estimates how well your blog/wesbite ranks on search engines like Google and as far as I know, the higher your score (up to 100) the better. You can check your DA here on MOZ. So when I first checked my DA in the summer of 2016 I saw it was only 3 but given that I hadn't really worked on improving it or had even considered what SEO was, I couldn't really complain. Since then I've been making several changes to my blog to try and up it and gradually it's gone up, and even though I know it could still be better and I'm sure there are many bloggers with higher DA's than me, I'm proud of what it's at. There are lots of things that affect your DA which I've listed below but sometimes even things that can't helped like how long ago you started your blog can affect it, building it up does take time and it's not something that can be fixed overnight unfortunately so be prepared to work at it for a while. 

Check For Broken Links

I think this is the thing that has really helped with my DA over the last year or so. It wasn't until reading a post from the lovely Emmy once, that I realised I had never checked my broken links. As I started my blog in 2014 and didn't see this post until 2017, you can imagine I had a load of links to go through and change. I remember it literally took me days and it was something I had to keep going back to because it drove me mad. There were so many links to clothing items and beauty bits that were no longer available so those links were going nowhere, therefore affecting my DA. I now make sure I check my broken links AT LEAST once a month just so I can properly keep on top of it and get any links changed before MOZ (the site where you can check your DA) updates.

Guest Posting

I haven't done this quite as much as I would have liked but over the last year or so I've been making more of an effort to put myself forward for guest posts on other peoples blogs. Doing this and having a link to your blog within the post, means a whole new audience may come over to read more of your blog posts, and having that link from another blog really helps with DA. I think I've done about 3 or 4 guest posts, and not only does help towards your DA, it's a great way of interacting with other bloggers.

Quality Content

I suppose this is an obvious one but your content really is so important if you want to improve your DA. When I first started my blog I did quite short blog posts and looking back now, it's no wonder my DA never went up. I found out last year that most bloggers tend to go for at least 300 words per post, though there isn't really a proper recommended amount. Some do around 300, some 500, some 1000+. I'm a bit of a talker so a lot of my posts now end up being quite long but I have no doubt that has helped. It's also quite important to have some sort of routine with it, because if you only post once a month or so, your score is going to be much lower than someone that posts everyday. Also of course spelling and grammar are very important so always go over your posts before publishing.

Link Back To Older Posts 

Again something else I only started really doing last year but something that I am so conscious of now. I used to unintentionally link to older posts every so often whereas now I really try to get at least one link to an older post in each blog post. I link posts that I think are relevant or similar, and for example if I'm mentioning a foundation I love in a post, I'll include a link to my review of that product. Doing this keeps people on your blog for longer and the more posts they read, the better. It will show your consistent and have relevant content so this is a big must I think.

Comment On Other Blogs

 I absolutely love commenting on other blogs and it's something I've done really since I started blogging. Now I know the importance of it though because not only is it just a really nice thing to do, leaving a link to your blog helps improve your score. Don't just link drop, leave a genuine comment that shows you've read the post and then end it with your link. I tend to end my comments with 'Tiffany x www.foodandotherloves.co.uk'.

Share Your Content

I know it's a bit of a pain to schedule tweets, in fact I've said several times it's the bane of my life because it can take so much time but sharing your content really does help for many reasons. With all of my blog posts now after I've pressed publish, I share on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Bloglovin and then sometimes Instagram and Insta Stories. This gets your posts out there to so many other people and it may also mean they share it on their platforms too and this all helps to build your DA.

I hope these tips help you if you're wanting to increase your DA score. These are really the only basic things I've done over the last year to up it to something I'm proud of but there are other things you can do too like optimising images and formatting your posts (things I need to work on next). All of these things really do work so definitely give them a try if you haven't yet! For more advice these are a few blog posts from other bloggers that I think are really helpful!

Chloe // Jordanne

Do you have any tips for increasing DA? Anything particular you have done that's worked?

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I really need to start checking my broken links! I always seem to forget to so thanks for the reminder x


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