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Butter London Nail Polishes Review*

I'm such a nail polish fanatic. I have a huge collection full of my favourite brands like Essie, Rimmel and Nails Inc just to name a few but I'm never going turn down the opportunity to try more. I was thrilled to receive a few Butter London nail polishes from the lovely Beckie at SparklePR and as I've been trying them out for a few weeks now, I thought it was about time I shared my thoughts.
Butter London - Toff, Tea With The Queen, Steady On
Butter London are a brand I'd heard of before but never got round to trying so I was incredibly excited to finally have a few of their products to add to my beauty stash. Butter London was founded in 2005 by Sasha Muir and since then they've been at the forefront of fashion. Their nail lacquer shades are created with some of the world's top fashion designers, bringing on-trend colour to life on the catwalk and in their products. The three products I was sent to try out were - Tea With The Queen, Toff and Steady On.

Tea With The Queen

I'm starting with Tea With The Queen (£15) because it stood out to me straight away. All of the colours I received are beautiful but I love anything peachy so this is the one I got to using first. As you can see from the photo it's a gorgeous peach, almost a light coral shade and whilst that's not necessarily something I'd usually choose in the Autumn and Winter months, I've not been able to stop wearing it. I think it's a really sophisticated colour so can be worn at anytime, especially if you want a subtle shade for work. I applied two coats of this and got well over 10 days with only minimal chipping which is so impressive! I hate having to re-do my nails all the time because within days the polish is coming off but I've not had that issue with this at all. I think I'll get a lot of wear out of this over the next few months into Spring.
Butter London - Tea With The Queen


Next up is Toff (£15), which is a shade similar to what I've been reaching for since Autumn started. Not only do I love the name, in fact I love the names of all the polishes from Butter London, they're so quirky, but the bottle itself looks so high end. I love the mirror lid and with the logo on the front too, I just think it's look really luxurious and would certainly make a nice, little gift this Christmas. I'm not really sure how to describe the colour of Toff as it's so many things - at times I see more of a mauve shade from it and other times it's more of a soft plum shade, but either way it's just a gorgeous purple that's perfect for this time of year. I find this looks really glossy when it's dried which I like and like with the polish above, it lasted incredibly well. You can tell this is a chip resistance formula and I've also noticed when using these polishes that my nails have been breaking less and have felt far stronger which can only be a bonus.
Butter London - Toff

Steady On

The final shade I've been trying out is Steady On (£15) which is very much a stone, light grey colour. I don't often go for colours like this but it's another one I think is ideal for work or if you just want a subtle shade that won't stand out but will look chic too. Like all of the other Butter London polishes, I applied two coats of this and I found this gave the perfect coverage along with a top coat. The brushes fit your nails so it really doesn't require too much time of effort which I am all about! Something I've found with these nail polishes is how salon-like they feel. From the bottles to the the gel-like formula and the superior shine they give overall, they feel very high end and they've been a real treat to use as it might not necessarily be a brand I'd think to pick up otherwise.
Butter London - Steady On
These three nail polishes from Butter London have been such a pleasure to try out. I'm pretty sure I'll get lots of use out of all three, each are perfect for different times throughout the year and all just look stunning on. If you want to pick any up for yourself, they are currently available at Feel Unique, Marks and Spencers, Boots and Look Fantastic.

Have you tried anything from Butter London?

*Products sent for the purpose of this post

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