Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Simple 5 Minute Reset Hydrogel Mask Review

If you read my blog often I'm sure you'll know I'm a face mask fanatic. After such a long time thinking they were kind of a waste of money, they're now an essential for a pamper night in for me so I pretty much always have a stash in the bathroom cupboard ready to go! Though I do love clay masks and peel off masks, sheet masks are something I've really enjoyed using over the last few months. When doing a food shop recently, in the beauty aisle I spotted a few new masks from Simple (is it really a food shop unless you spend money on a load of crap you definitely didn't go in for?) and one of those was the 5 Minute Reset Hydrogel Mask.
Simple Hydrogel Mask held up in front of a print of Paris
I was instantly intrigued as it's a gel mask rather than a sheet mask so whilst it applies the same way, I was excited to see how it would feel on my skin and if the benefits would be any different. This next-generation mask has been made in Korea which is where the sheet mask skincare ritual originates, something I mentioned in my review of Mask Time's Subscription Box recently. Using premium hydrogel technology, this hydrating face mask is enriched with plant collagen and contains no chemicals, no alcohol, no added paraben, no mineral oils and only non-animal derived ingredients.

First of all this stood out to me straight away due to it's pretty packaging and design. I know that's not really the main factor but it definitely sucked me in and then once I saw it was something I'd not tried before, I had to get it. One thing I really liked about this once I opened it was that the mask comes in two pieces. One piece to be applied around the cheeks and mouth and one for around the eyes and nose, they overlap slightly but I found it really comfortable to wear for the proposed time and because it's gel, it was so nice and cooling on my skin.

Sticking with the benefits of it being gel, it made my skin feel refreshed instantly. I imagine this will be a great one to pop on in the evening during Summer! Something else I liked about this was that I found there wasn't as much excess product leftover afterwards either so it meant the amount there was could actually be massaged into my skin. Usually sheet masks say to do this but I tend to find it's just far too much. The final few things that impressed me - the fresh scent that wasn't overpowering at all, the fact that I did genuinely feel like it was adding moisture to my skin, and that it was really affordable at just £1.50. 

For the price it was, I can't really complain about the hydrogel mask at all. It was a lovely addition to a much needed hour to myself and I'd definitely pick it up again in the future. I noticed they also have some Under Eye Masks which I'm tempted to try next!

Have you tried any of the new Simple face masks?

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Joy said...

Absolute love the Simple products

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