Tuesday 12 February 2019

Garnier Fresh-Mix Tissue Mask Review

Face masks are usually a weekly thing for me, sometimes more. I just love finding time for some self-care so I can properly chill! I love to run myself a hot bubble bath, use my favourite skincare and hair products and just chill for an hour with a good book before a relaxing evening. A part of my pamper evenings always involves a face mask, and one that I was really excited to try was the new Garnier Fresh-Mix Tissue Mask.
Garnier Fresh-Mix Tissue Mask - Vitamin C Shot in the centre of the photo. Flowers to the right hand side in the corner
There are currently two masks available in this range - the Vitamin C Shot and the Hyaluronic but the one I chose when we were shopping in Leeds recently was the Vitamin C mask. Though I love the original moisture bomb masks from Garnier, these are so quirky! I loved the idea of basically making your own face mask so once I spotted they were on offer, I had to grab one.

The way this works is that there is one section with the hydrating formula which has been enriched with Vitamin C, and then in the other section you get the ultra-absorbent dry tissue mask. I'm not going to lie, I did struggle a little with mixing the two together but I think it just takes some getting used to! All you have to do is follow the arrows and dotted lines on the back of the packet, fold several times so the juice can break the seal and then leave for 1 minute so it can fully infuse into the tissue. It's then the same as any other sheet mask, unfold and apply, smoothing down at the contours of your face and then massaging in any excess serum afterwards. It's a bit more effort than usual face masks and does take a few minutes to get the hang of but I actually really liked it! It was quite fun to sort of make my own mask and it's not something I've seen before in a skincare product.

Once it was fully infused, the tissue became almost cushion like and it fitted perfectly. It was absolutely freezing at first though but I find most sheet masks are! After 15 minutes, I really did find it had made a little difference to my skin. It looked brighter and felt incredibly soft. It does say on the packaging that the more you use these masks, the more noticeable the difference would be but they're pretty expensive so I don't think they'll be a regular addition to my skincare routine. Both masks in the range are currently £2.66 at Boots so it's well worth picking one up now if you want to try as I think they're usually over £4. I'm really keen to try the Hyaluronic mask now to see if it's as impressive as this one!

Have you tried either of the new Fresh-Mix tissue masks?

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Cora - Tea Party Princess said...

They sound a bit gimmicky, but I love the moisture bomb ones and will probably try these if they're on offer. I'm a sucker for a face mask and think the DIY aspect will be fun.
I think I'm more likely to try the hyaluronic acid one as it's something I already incorporate into my skin care and I know Vit C can be harsh on sensitive skin.
Cora | http://www.teapartyprincess.co.uk

Tiffany Timms said...

They're definitely a gimmick, not something I'd be buying at full price! Fun every so often though when they're on offer :) xx

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