Wednesday 20 February 2019

My Top 10 Hamilton Songs After Seeing The Show

In Summer 2018, when I was fully addicted to all things Hamilton, I shared my top 10 favourite songs from the soundtrack. Now I've been lucky enough to see the show (you can find out what I thought here) my opinion on some of the songs I considered favourites has changed and some I'd not really liked at all sounded completely different live. So, I thought I'd do a revised list of my top 10 songs. I'd love to know if you've seen the show, if any of your favourites changed too! I know this post probably won't be for everyone, and it's totally fine if you don't carry on reading, but theatre is my favourite thing to write about so I really couldn't wait to share this.
Hamilton seat ticket held up from dress circle, view of the stage in the background
1. The Room Where It Happens - This was only second on my previous list but this and Wait For It have swapped since seeing the show. Both are absolutely amazing on the soundtrack anyway but this was just something else live. Sifiso Mazibuko who was playing Aaron Burr on the day went stole the show for me and this song was a real moment. I even cried because I was just thinking 'OMG this is my favourite, this is happening, it's so much better than I could have imagined'. I know, I'm a mess. I think my face would have been such a picture during this.

2. Wait For It - It was very difficult to move this to second place as it's been a song I've adored since the very first listen but The Room Where It Happens just had the edge. This was everything I had hoped it would be though. Another song by Aaron Burr, who is one of my favourite people in the show #teamburr. It's just so powerful and something I'm sure a lot of people can relate to in a world where there is so much competition and it can always feel like you're lagging behind compared to everyone else.

3. One Last Time - This was number 6 in my previous post but it jumped straight up after seeing it live. Dom Hartley-Harris as George Washington was absolutely brilliant, so fierce in the role when he needed to be but then songs like this come around and he just made you want to cry. He fully deserved all of the applause afterwards, it didn't seem like it was going to stop. This is a song that gets me every time I listen to it now. Also if you haven't already heard the latest Hamildrop which is a remix of this, it's incredibly special - it features Barack Obama!
4. Right Hand Man - This wasn't actually on my previous list at all. It was never a favourite of mine before but seeing it in the show with the whole ensemble, I just felt it was a real moment and by the end of the song, I just thought, where did that come from? It was never one I expected to love so much but it shows just how well Dom plays the role of Washington.

5. The World Was Wide Enough - One of the final songs and one of the biggest moments in the show. Hearing the song whilst seeing Burr and Hamilton duel, resulting in Alexander losing his life, was EMOSH! The part where Alexander know he's dying and he tells Eliza to take her time - it was on a whole new level compared to the soundtrack.

6. Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story - The final song of the show, and I was an absolute mess. After Phillips death, I didn't really stop and then obviously the final duel comes along too and then this, so I just had to let it out. It's a really beautiful moment where the whole cast come together to celebrate Eliza and what she went onto do after Alex died. It just rounds the show up perfectly and it was even better live than I could have ever predicted.

7. Dear Theodosia - This is number 7 like on the previous list so one of the only songs to not have moved around. As I said in the last post it's one of the more chilled out songs which is very much needed after the show being full on for so long! Your brain has to go into overdrive to keep up so this is a really nice moment. Sifiso as Burr and Ash Hunter as Hamilton just sang this beautifully.

8. Yorktown -The was actually number 3 before so it's dropped a little, but that's not because it wasn't as good as I was expecting, some others just blew me away. It really is a stand out moment in the show - the choreography, the whole ensemble getting involved and the immigrants line with the reaction it deserves, it's definitely special to see.

9. Satisfied - This song is one of my favourites and the staging of it is so clever. I loved the use of the revolve stage and in the opening to the song, they quite literally rewind back to helpless which was incredible to see. I had no idea how that part would work but it's mesmorising and I'd go back just to see this song again. I think one of the massive benefits you get from sitting in the circles rather than the stalls for Hamilton is having the view of the whole stage and seeing elements like that in all their glory.

10. Cabinet Battles - Both of the cabinet battles were even better in 'real life', and just so funny. The cast have clearly put their own spin on the roles so there were so many quirks and little things added in that you wouldn't pick up on just from the soundtrack. The cabinet battles really do show off the casts talent and it was nice to see so many of the ensemble involved too!

I already wanted to see this show again but writing this has brought back so many memories. It was only two months ago but it feels like forever! It's such an exciting show so I really couldn't recommend it enough. It's like nothing else on the West End at the moment.

Are you a Hamilton fan? Let me know if you've seen the show too!

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Joy Corkery said...

I really need to listen to this soundtrack. I’m ashamed to say I only heard this play existed in December.

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