Thursday 21 February 2019

L'oreal Hydra Genius Moisturiser Review

I've tried a few new beauty products over the last month or so including the Garnier Micellar Gel Cleansing Wash and the Fresh-Mix Tissue Masks, but one that has blown everything else out of the water is the L'oreal Hydra Genius Moisturiser. I had been wanting to try this for absolutely ages so I finally treated myself and it has changed my life when it comes to skincare.
flatlay - bottle of L'oreal Hydra Genius moisturiser laid in the centre with its packaging. Props scattered around it including flowers, blusher, a london trinket dish, essie nail polish
I've never really been one to use a moisturiser, I tend to be pretty lazy when it comes to a skincare routine but my skin has just looked so dull recently and I felt I needed to add some new products in. I still have a pretty basic routine that I follow but this is always the last product and I genuinely look forward to using it each day. 

What is it?

The Hydra Genius moisturiser has been inspired by Asian skincare which seems to really have grown in popularity over the last few years. This is still pretty new as far as I'm aware and it's known as 'The Liquid Care'. It's a moisturiser that instantly refreshes your skin with its water-like texture and instantly locks in moisture leaving you with a healthy-looking glow. The aloe water continues to release hydration for upto 72 hours after use too, giving skin continuous hydration and there are three options available in the range - Dry & Sensitive Skin, Normal to Combination Skin and Normal Skin.

What do I think?

First of all I really like that there are 3 options available meaning no matter what your skin type, there is hopefully a bottle for everyone. The one I went for after much deliberation was the Dry & Sensitive Skin bottle. I have known certain products to be a bit too harsh in the past and I wanted something that was going to be as gentle as possible, yet still make a difference. I've been using this each evening after removing my makeup, though it can be used in the morning also. Just one pump of the Hydra Genius evenly covers my face and neck, a little bit really does go such a long way so I think it's likely the bottle is going to last me a while. I massage into my skin in circular motions which allows for better absorption and I find it soaks in within seconds. The reason I never really used to use moisturisers before this was because any I had tried always left that sticky feeling afterwards, I hate when you can feel the product sitting there on your skin but none of that happens with this. The lightweight serum absorbs into the skin so quickly and it always leaves my skin feeling incredibly soft. I just always feel so refreshed after using this and I do think after regularly using this for over a month now it's made a difference to the brightness of my skin. It just doesn't look quite as dull as I felt it did before and each evening I always notice there's a bit of a glow which is a nice change! I just absolutely love this product. I had a feeling it was going to work well with my skin but it's exceeded all expectations. It's even an incredibly pretty bottle too which is an added bonus. This tends to be £9.99 in both Superdrug and Boots which I actually don't think is too bad at all, to say how long the bottle is expected to last, but I actually got mine from Amazon! It was just over £6 and it's exactly the same as any other so that's a little tip for when it comes to buying new products, it's always worth shopping around.

'The Liquid Care: Fresh as water, hydrating as cream'

Bottle of L'oreal Hydra Genius Moisturiser stood up in the centre. Pink fluffy pillow to the back right hand side and a stack of pink books at the back left hand side with flowers on top. Rose petals scattered around the bottle with the box packaging laid next to it
I'd love to know if you've tried the L'oreal Hydra Genius Moisturiser too? Let me know if you have any other skincare recommendations too!

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Anonymous said...

It's so good to treat yourself when it comes to skincare and this is so affordable! I've haven't tried it yet, but it's totally going on my list :)

Anika |

Jadieegosh said...

omg my i loved this post !!


jennyinneverland said...

I'm also very lazy when it comes to my skincare. I'm trying to pick it back up now but I'm not really enjoying the products I'm using anymore. I really like the sound of this though!


Heather Nixon said...

It sounds like a great moisturiser x

Sophie said...

I've always been really into skincare and love discovering new options! Glad you're enjoying this, it sounds great x


Tiffany Timms said...

It's so worth the money :) xx

Tiffany Timms said...

I just can't be bothered to use a load of products each day! A few simple ones that make my skin feel nice do the job for me 😂Xx

Tiffany Timms said...

So impressed with it x

Tiffany Timms said...

Thank you, so glad I finally picked it up xx

Rachel Maslin said...

I haven't tried this yet but it sounds great! Something I should definitely pick up soon!! xx

Kim said...

Great review. I've been looking for a new moisturiser and this sounds like it would fit the bill. Thanks for sharing.

Gemma Etc. said...

I think I'd really like this, I'll have to look out for it on offer xx ❤️

Joy Corkery said...

This is a product I will def try. My skin is so dehydrated lately.

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