Tuesday 5 February 2019

Bomb Cosmetics Sir Fizzalot Bath Blaster Review

It's been such a long time since I reviewed any sort of bath bomb or bath product, something I used to love writing about. I just went ages without picking anything like this up, mainly because of how hot our Summer was, I couldn't bare sitting in a bath! Luckily Winter has been nice and cold so far, which I'm loving so I'm all about pamper evenings. I got loads of bath bombs for my birthday so it's time to start getting through them all, starting with Sir Fizzalot by Bomb Cosmetics.
flatlay - bomb cosmetics sir fizzalot bath blaster, star ornament to the life, copper candle holder at the back
Whilst I did get several products like this as birthday presents, I couldn't help but pick up a few of the Bomb Cosmetics bath blasters from The Yorkshire Soap Company when we went to Leeds for the day. All of their Christmas range was on offer so I picked two up - Candy Cane Lane and Sir Fizzalot. I love bright coloured bath bombs so this one stood out to me straight away. 

As you can see, Sir Fizzalot is bright blue so as soon as it hit the water, the colour exploded, soon turning it into a gorgeous turquoise colour. It all seemed to stay one colour but it just intensified as it bubbled away. I did find though the white top of the bath bomb which was almost like a bath melt created the prettiest swirls all over the water. Together the two made it very 'Winter Wonderland', it was just beautiful to look at. 

Onto the scent, because that's a massive factor when it comes to choosing products like this. Sir Fizzalot is full of spearmint and peppermint essential oils so it's right up my street. I adore anything minty, especially in the Christmas and Winter months so I loved it for that alone. It made the entire bathroom smell beautiful and it lingered for hours.  Now finally, how did it make my skin feel? Well the bath melt part, which is usually known for being a very moisturising product, made my skin so incredibly soft. It felt so nourished and cleansed and there would genuinely have been no need for a moisturiser afterwards. I can't remember the last time my skin felt so soft and smooth so for that it's definitely a winner.

Whilst this might not have necessarily been the most exciting bath bomb I've ever used, I'm really happy I picked it up. It was such a bargain at £2 too! I've got quite a few other products to use up from Bomb Cosmetics and Lush so look out for reviews of those too in the next few weeks!
Bomb Cosmetics Sir Fizzalot Bath Blaster
What's your favourite Bomb Cosmetics bath bomb?

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Jadieegosh said...

omg i loved this post!! that bath is so blue! amazing post ! thanks for sharing


Debbie said...

I love the Yorkshire soap company, they do such amazing bombs and soaps x

jennyinneverland said...

I'd never used Bomb Cosmetics but heard great things! That blue is amazing - that'd seriously relax me!


Hannah said...

I love Bomb cosmetics, they do so many fab bath bombs that are all so affordable too! The colour of this one is gorgeous xx

Hannah | https://luxuryblush.co.uk

Tiffany Timms said...

They really do, I always like to have a few in ☺️Xx

Tiffany Timms said...

It was a beautiful colour 😍Love their bath bombs so much xx

Tiffany Timms said...

I love how Affordable they are, compared to Lush which just seems to have gone up and up in price! Xx

Samantha | The Beauty Spyglass said...

Oh my gosh, LOVE Sir Fizzalot! Especially as he’s minty! Looks cute, bargain too! Bet you didn’t want to drop him in the bath x

Samantha | https://thebeautyspyglass.com

Tiffany Timms said...

I really didn't! I love using them but they go so quickly! X

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