Friday 1 February 2019

Valentine's Day Gift Guide 2019

I know a lot of people don't think much of Valentine's Day and see it as another way for brands to make money, but I personally love it! It's been an occasion I look forward to each year ever since George and I first celebrated it (this years is our 8th!) and I just think it's an extra way to show how much you care and an excuse to treat one another. We don't spend loads and the day is usually pretty normal but it's still nice to pick a few presents up so I thought a gift guide with some of the bits I have my eye on might be useful for you!
Valentine's Day collage with text on the front

Vanilla Reindeer Personalised Gifts*

I love a personalised gift so I was thrilled to receive a few bits from Vanilla Reindeer to share with you! There are several items available for Valentine's Day including cards and gift bags but the bits I chose were - one of their bottle boxes and the 9 chocolates gift box and I personalised both items, which was incredibly easy to do. I loved how simple the process was of adding text and photos (the website is also mobile friendly so easy to do on the go!) and I was so impressed with the quality of them when they arrived. With the chocolates I went for the Favourite Husband design £11.99 and I added a photo of George and I. This contains 9 beautiful truffles - 3x smooth milk, 3x white lemon, 3x intense dark and I can confirm they all taste incredible! There were lots of options to choose from when it came to gift bags and boxes but the Game Of Thrones bottle box £6.99, stood out to me, anyone else incredibly excited for the new series?! This came already put together which I wasn't expecting so that was a nice surprise, and again the photos had turned out just as I was hoping. This is great if you want to treat someone to a fancy bottle of wine, or maybe something a bit different like a bottle of whiskey? A final thing to mention about Vanilla Reindeer is that direct delivery is possible so great if you're away but want to surprise someone. If you want to place an order, use the code LOVE30PR for a 30% discount!
flatlay - personalised chocolate box and personalised bottle box from Vanilla Reindeer. flowers in the corner
flatlay - open box of personalised chocolates from Vanilla Reindeer

Ross & Ross The Man Box*

Now this may be called The Man Box but really it's perfect for anybody! Ross & Ross have collaborated with some of the best artisan producers in the Cotswolds to bring you a hamper with the finest products so if you're not sure what to get your partner, this could be a great idea. The Man Box which is priced at £22, contains a refreshing Premium Cotswold Lager, the award winning British Charcuterie Original Salami which is based on the French 'Rosette' De Lyon, Mr Trotter's Great British Original Crackling and finally, a Smoked Apple Chutney. All of these items are ideal for snacking or for sharing with your partner, maybe as part of a cheese board or a starter on Valentine's Day? I love that it's different to the usual hampers you find in stores at this time of year, they also tend to be extremely expensive too so a smaller one like this could be perfect. It's full of high quality products that you're both sure to enjoy!
products from The Man Box stood up next to one another
flatlay of the products in the man box

Prezzybox Movie Night In Set - £12

If you love a movie night, or if you're film fanatics like us, then this night in set from Prezzybox is such a fab idea! No need to go out to the cinema, create your own in the comfort of your own home. This set contains a popcorn bucket and 2 retro style cups which are perfect for all of your snacks! Something else I spotted on the Prezzybox website was the personalised Toblerone bar too. It's a little pricey at £12.99 but could be a great addition to the movie night!

Lush Bath Bombs - Starts at £3.50

I don't often buy from Lush anymore as I do think their prices have become a little bit ridiculous over the last year or so but I'm not sure I'm going to be able to resist their Valentine's range. These could be perfect for your partner if they love a pamper evening! I'm hoping I might get the Peach bath bomb for Valentine's which is £3.95.

Clintons Sausage Dog Keyrings £5

I love the idea of this. It's a two part keyring so you can both have one half and it's sausage dogs which are just one of the cutest things ever. I think little gifts like this are lovely!

Paperchase Lunch Box Notes £3.50

If you want to be extra cute, these lunch box notes are perfect. It contains 25 printed cards, each with a different message, perfect to sneak into your partners lunch, something to make their day.

Chocolate 🍫🍫🍫

You can't go wrong with a box of chocolates at Valentine's. Whether you just want to spend a little, or splash out, there is so much available at the moment. On the cheaper side, I love these Milk Chocolate Hearts from Hotel Chocolat. They're only £2.50. If you want to spend a bit more, I think the chocolate gift sets from M&S are brilliant. The one that stood out to me is the Taste Of Belgium set which is £30 and contains flaked truffles, a biscuit tin, chocolate classics and a smaller biscuit selection.
collage - Hotel Chocolat chocolates, M&S chocolate hamper, personalised toblerone bar, lunch box notes, lush peach bath bomb, keyrings
I hope this gift guide has given you some inspiration for Valentine's Day! There are so many lovely gifts out at the moment so it's definitely worth taking a look around.

*Products marked with a * are PR samples/gifted items

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Debbie said...

Awwww I loved this guide, I'm a couple that doesn't really do valentine's Day, but I have been married nearly 20yrs and I have 4 children. But I love that others do and appreciate each other x

Gemma Etc. said...

I love all of these gift ideas, especially the Man box, such a cute gift xx

Gemma Etc. ❤️

jennyinneverland said...

Some great suggestions here! I'm working with Vanilla Reindeer for Mother's Day and I'm really excited for their chocolates! They look delish <3


Tiffany Timms said...

Thank you, glad you like the post 😘X

Tiffany Timms said...

It's such a good idea isn't it?! Would make a great gift for lots of occasions x

Tiffany Timms said...

Ooh I hope you enjoy them as much as we did! They're delicious 😍X

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