Wednesday 27 February 2019

My Favourite Musical Soundtracks #3

I've shared two posts like this before, but it's time for another as I JUST LOVE MUSICALS. I'm always playing music especially when I'm working in my office, that's my time to just put on a soundtrack and get focused and I actually find it helps every single day. There are endless musical soundtracks I listen to so here are 5 new ones I've had on repeat over the last few months.
collage with soundtrack covers - pretty woman, heathers, six, mean girls, sweeney todd

Pretty Woman

This has literally taken over my life. There have been rumours for a little while that it will be heading to London sometime in 2019/2020 but as there have been so many other musicals confirmed, it's taken me such a long time to get round to listening to the soundtrack and paying it any attention. And now I can't stop. I've only ever watched Pretty Woman the film a few times but this has had such rave reviews on Broadway so clearly they've done a good job in translating it to stage. The whole soundtrack is just catchy songs one after the other. I think my favourites are Anywhere But Here and You're Beautiful. I really hope if it does come to the West End soon that Samantha Barks comes over too.
A gif of pretty woman the musical


We were lucky enough to see this towards the end of 2018 when it was playing in the West End for a limited run, and it was brilliant. We've seen some amazingggg shows but nothing had a reaction like this, people went insane whenever the Heathers came on and I think there were some serious Carrie Hope Fletcher fangirls in the audience so it was LOUD. It was an incredible atmosphere though, and ever since I've loved listening to the soundtrack. Candy Store, Shine A Light and Meant To Be Yours get played often now!
A gif of the three heathers from Heathers the musicall


This is currently taking the West End by storm and rightly so! It has been claimed as 'the most uplifting piece of new British musical theatre' so this has certainly been added to my list to see in the future. It tells the tales of the six wives of Henry VIII, who have turned their historical heartbreak into a 75 minute celebration - it's full of sass and attitude and the soundtrack is on another level. I've lost count the amount of times I've played this over the last month or so, it's so motivating and powerful, just listen to it if you haven't already!
A gif of the six queens from Six the musical

Mean Girls

I can't wait for this to come over to London! Which let's face it, it has to. The film is such a classic now, and the soundtrack is up there as one of the best I've listened to over the last year. As it's based on the movie, it's not like you don't know what's going to happen in the show but the songs they've added fit so well with the story. Some of my favourites are - Apex Predator, Revenge Party and World Burn. 
A gif of the plastics from Mean Girls

Sweeney Todd

Okay this is a little different to all of the other soundtracks I've shared so far, and whilst it's not one I've listened to loads and loads, it's been one I've put on occasionally after watching (and loving) the film a few months ago. Also I know this is technically the film version rather than the stage but I think it still counts. I thought Johnny Depp was just brilliant in this! It's full of great songs, some of my favourites being - Pretty Women, Johanna and No Place Like London.
A gif of Johnny Depp as Sweeney Todd
Are you a fan of any of these musical soundtracks too? or have you been lucky enough to see any of these on stage?

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