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3 Of The Best Chinese Meals You Can Try Cooking At Home*

 AD - This post is in collaboration with KMC Seasoning

Here on Food and Other Loves, we love our Chinese food! This cuisine always delivers on a variety of flavours and is a perfect treat when relaxing after a long day or a celebrating a special occasion. While you can't go wrong with a trip to the takeaway or a local Chinese restaurant, one of the best things about Chinese food is the fact that you can challenge yourself to re-create the dishes in the comfort of your own home. There are so many Chinese meals that you can choose from so whatever you or your family fancy, chances are you will find an option to suit.Chinese salt and pepper seasoning has become increasingly popular in the last few years, especially in Northern cities of the United Kingdom. This type of seasoning adds a bit of a kick to any cuisine and is popular with both local takeaways and homemade cooking. One of the most popular brands of salt and pepper seasoning is KMC seasoning. What started as an experiment in one man's home has turned into a foodie's dream. The seasoning combines a range of household ingredients, such as chilli, garlic and ginger, to create a simple solution for increasing flavour - all while making sure it remains healthy and nutritional.

KMC Seasoning have kindly provided us with this blog post where they have detailed three of the best Chinese meals that you can try cooking yourself at home. For a bit of extra taste and spice, all these dishes go well with salt and pepper seasoning!

Salt and Pepper Chips
We're going to start with one of the most popular items on any Chinese takeaway menu... salt and pepper chips! This dish always goes down a treat, especially for people who enjoy foods with a bit of a moderate to hot spice, and it's definitely an excellent recommendation for a hangover cure! At KMC Seasoning, we're regularly contacted by takeaways and restaurants who wish to use our seasoning to add a bit of extra taste and spice. To help you make your own meal at home, we've created our very own salt and pepper chips recipe. You really can't go wrong with it and it's probably one of the easiest Chinese fakeaways that you can make! First of all, you need to decide the type of potato-based chips that you prefer. It doesn't matter whether you choose traditional chips, skinny fries or wedges. Start by cooking the chips in the oven as specified by the manufacturer's packaging. You'll also want to sprinkle on a generous amount of KMC salt and pepper seasoning, and mix in with your fingers so that the chips are nicely seasoned. Make sure to turn the chips part way during cooking and if needed, add a little more seasoning. While the chips cook, chop a red chilli pepper, green pepper, red pepper, small onion and 3 spring onions into fine pieces. Fry these ingredients in a pan on a medium heat until they appear golden brown. When the chips are cooked, add them into the pan along with another dose of seasoning and toss the ingredients together. Congratulations, you've made your own salt and pepper chips!

Sweet and Sour Chicken
Next up on the list is an absolute favourite of ours and a regular choice when it comes to dining out! Sweet and sour chicken is a Chinese dish that offers a range of flavours such as crispy and tangy taste. Start your homemade preparation by slicing a selection of chicken breasts into bite-sized pieces. You can then coat the chicken in ingredients which may include corn-starch, egg whites and salt. When the chicken is fried to the level of crispiness that you more prefer, you can begin to focus on the delicious sweet and sour sauce. The sauce is often made up of pineapple juice, salt, vinegar, brown sugar and ketchup. To round off the meal, you may wish to add in some pineapple chunks and chopped bell peppers. This dish is best served with fried rice and a portion of chips.

Chow Mein
If you ever mention Chinese cuisine to someone, one of the first things they will most likely think of is a noodle dish. Noodle-based meals are a very prominent part of what Asian cuisine typically offers. One of the most popular Chinese noodle dishes that you can enjoy is, of course, the classic chow mein. Chow mein meals always guarantee an explosion of tasty flavours and it can be a really healthy option. The perfect chow mein will usually feature a choice of meat, a vibrant selection of vegetables, any type of noodles and a savoury sauce. There isn't quite a standard way of making a chow mein. You have the option of picking and choosing ingredients as you see fit, as long as it still technically makes a chow mein meal! The process of cooking a chow mein dish involves using the stir fry technique which is relatively simple to master. You start by cutting your meat, which could be anything from chicken, pork, beef or even seafood. Cook the meat in a frying pan with a little bit of oil until you are happy that it has browned enough. You can then begin to add your vegetables, which can be prepared by yourself or by using a ready-made mix pack. Once the vegetables have mixed in nicely with the meat, add in your stir fry sauce. Again, you can either choose to make the sauce yourself or use a ready-made sauce from a popular brand such as Blue Dragon. Stir in the ingredients fully and process to add in your noodles, which could be any of ramen, instant or egg noodles. If required, add a small amount of water, and continue stirring and tossing the ingredients on a low heat. When you're happy that everything has mixed in fully, it's time to serve and tuck in!

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Nic said...

Thanks for sharing, these sound great ideas although I would not have rice and chips with a Chinese just the rice.

Nic | Nic's Adventures & Bakes

Hannah said...

I'm such a wuss with spice that salt and pepper tends to be too spicy for me haha! I love a chow mein though, that is my go to and I love making my own at home xx

Hannah |

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