Wednesday, 30 December 2020

My Top 5 of 2020 - The Things That Got Me Through A Tough Year

 I'm not going to lie, this post is totally inspired by the Zoella team's top 5 blog post which was shared just recently but as soon as I read it, I knew I had to do something similar. 2020 has been awful, or at the least the majority of it has but I think where we can, it's important to look for the positives. This was still a year of our life and whilst I'm sure it's not one a lot of us will want to look back on often, I still think it would be nice to pick a few things that got us through. I'm going to share my favourite tv show, book, memory, hobby and album of 2020 and I'd love to know what yours were too!Doughnuts on a plate on a pink fabric background

TV Show
It's got to be Normal People. This was released during the first lockdown and honestly it was the thing that got me through those first few weeks! I've read the book too and whilst I enjoyed that, there's just something special about the TV adaptation. The casting of Daisy Edgar-Jones and Paul Mescal as Marianne and Connell was just perfect in every way and the chemistry was insane. They brought the story to life in a way I don't think anyone else could have and I still think about some of the scenes. To me, Normal People just sums up that first love feeling and I think Sally Rooney has got the intensity and all the feelings that come with that spot on. I've already re-watched this since Spring and I know I'll go back to it time and time again.Normal People TV show

I'll be sharing my top 5 books of 2020 next week so I'll keep this short but my favourite book of the year has to be The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid. It had sat on my bookshelf for months and months but after seeing it all over Instagram at one point, I finally started it and I pretty much read it in one go. It was like a movie playing out in my head. I could picture every single little thing and the characters felt so real to me. It genuinely felt like Evelyn Hugo could be in Hollywood right now living this life. Just incredible.The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid book held up in front of the Christmas tree

Despite how crap 2020 has been, I do have some really fond memories, some from before lockdown was even a thing and some from the months where we actually got our lives back a little. One of the main things from 2020 I think about often is when we went to London for my birthday in January. We saw Les Mis and it was incredible. I miss the theatre so much and will never take it for granted again. Another memory that stands out is when we went to Oxford in September. We seemed to have a few months over Summer and Autumn where things weren't too bad and we all started to get out there a little bit again. It was the most beautiful city and I can't wait to go back as soon as we can. I think as we hadn't done anything like that for so long, it felt even more special.Les Miserables at the Sondheim Theatre

I've kind of turned my hobby of baking into a job now with Bear's Brownies and More but it's something I did a lot of in the first lockdown and the months that followed. There was so little to do so I just found myself in the kitchen all the time baking or cooking and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Who knows if without that I'd have decided to start my own business? Also I don't know if it really counts as a hobby but I became a bit obsessed with TikTok earlier this year and it's actually not even funny the amount of time I can pass just scrolling through now.Mint Aero brownies

I saw & Juliet last September in Manchester and I LOVED it more than I can put into words so ever since I've endlessly played the cast recording. I listened to it a lot in Spring and Summer, meaning it was pretty much the only thing in my Spotify wrapped but I'm still not bored of it and don't think I ever could be. It makes me miss theatre even more when I listen to it but I know that first show back which I really hope to be there for in London is going to be electric. This has definitely got me through some down days.& Juliet cast recording

I'd love to know what makes your top 5 this year! Do you have a favourite memory from 2020 despite everything?

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Kelly~Diane said...

I love the concept of this post. It would be so great to do a top 5 post each year and then look back on it in the years to come. I'm not sure what would be in my top 5, apart from Netflix, which has definitely got me through this year.

Hannah said...

This is such an amazing post! Picking out the highlights is such a great idea and it sounds like you had some fab moments. Getting to the theatre in January sounds like it would have been lovely! Also another huge congratulations on Bears Brownies!!xx

Hannah |

Serena Reidy said...

This is such a positive post! Congratulations on setting up your own business - the brownies look delicious!

Nic said...

Thanks for sharing you top things from this year, I do hope that we can do more ext year :)

Nic | Nic's Adventures & Bakes

jennyinneverland said...

Lovely post! I don’t think I could pick just 1 thing from each of these categories but TV shows and good books have been a must for me this year!

beautyqueenuk said...

I expected to become obsessed with TikTok but oddly, I’ve swerved it and don’t spend hours lost watching content x

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